The 10 Best New TV Shows Streaming Right Now

As the world of television continues to evolve, so does the landscape of streaming content. We’ve scoured the latest releases and compiled a list of the 10 best new TV shows currently available for streaming.

You won’t want to miss these binge-worthy shows, whether it’s gripping mysteries or heartwarming dramas. Find out what shows are capturing audiences’ attention now as we unveil the freshest and most exciting shows on TV!


Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2024)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2024).
Image Credit: David Lee/Prime Video.

“Mr. & Mrs. Smith” combines espionage action with the complexities of a married couple’s relationship seamlessly. This reboot takes a modern twist on an old-fashioned spy story as the titular characters manage to maintain a seemingly ordinary life and manage their covert missions.



Sarayu Blue (Hilary Star) in Expats.
Image Credit: Jupiter Wong/Prime Video.

“Expats” follows a group of diverse expatriates as they navigate the complexities of living abroad in this gripping and culturally rich drama. A bustling international community serves as a backdrop for the series’ exploration of the universal challenges of finding one’s place in a foreign land.


Zorro (2024)

Zorro (2024).
Image Credit: Prime Video.

“Zorro” combines swashbuckling adventure with contemporary storytelling to revive the iconic masked hero. Aside from honoring Zorro’s history, this series brings a fresh and dynamic take on his crusade for justice, filled with suspense, thrilling swordplay, and a charismatic lead.


Curb Your Enthusiasm (2024)

Larry David HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 - Episode 8.
Image Credit: John P. Johnson/ HBO.

The twelfth season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” offers a new dose of Larry David’s unfiltered and unapologetic humor. The latest episodes are a masterclass in observational comedy, filled with cringe-worthy social situations and Larry’s trademark brand of comedic chaos.


True Detective (2024)

Finn Bennett, John Hawkes HBO True Detective: Night Country.
Image Credit: Michele K. Short/HBO.

“True Detective” returns with a riveting new season that delves deep into murder and morality. Featuring a haunting atmosphere, intricate storytelling, and an impressive ensemble cast, the series weaves a web of mysteries, exploring the darkest corners of the human mind.


The Brothers Sun

The Brothers Sun. Justin Chien as Charles Sun in episode 101 of The Brothers Sun.
Image Credit: Netflix.

“The Brothers Sun” explores the complex dynamics of family and loyalty through the lives of estranged brothers Bruce (Sam Song Li) and Charles (Justin Chien). In the wake of the attack on their father’s life, Charles moves to Los Angeles, and the collision exposes Bruce to the dangerous underworld of the Jade Dragons triad, which exposes shocking revelations about their mother Eileen’s (Michelle Yeoh) true nature and how far she’ll go to protect her family.


Griselda: Season 1

Griselda. Sofia Vergara as Griselda in episode 101 of Griselda.
Image Credit: Netflix.

“GRISELDA” tells the gripping story of the notorious drug lord Griselda Blanco. In this series, a powerful performance from the lead actress accompanied by a narrative that explores organized crime in-depth, a powerful portrait of a woman who defied societal norms and became a major player in a male-dominated drug industry, making it a must-see for fans of intense character dramas and true crime.


Criminal Record: Season 1

Rasaq Kukoyi in "Criminal Record," now streaming on Apple TV+.
Image Credit: Apple TV.

In “CRIMINAL RECORD,” the dynamic between two detectives goes beyond the conventional partnership seen in typical police dramas. The Apple TV+ series takes a riveting twist as they find themselves at odds over a case that could unravel the very foundation of their careers.


The Woman in the Wall

Ruth Wilson as Lorna in THE WOMAN IN THE WALL, “Back to Life.”
Photo Credit: Chris Barr/BBC/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME.

“The Woman in the Wall” is a gripping mystery series set in a seemingly ordinary town where an unsuspecting family discovers a secret hidden in the walls of their home. They become entangled in a web of mystery, paranormal phenomena, and long-buried secrets as they try to unravel the eerie occurrences and discover the unsettling history of their new home.


Echo (2024)

Devery Jacobs as Bonnie in Marvel Studios' Echo, releasing on Hulu and Disney+.
Photo by Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios 2024.


In “Echo,” the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes back to the darker tone of its Netflix era, including characters and actors from those shows. The series is mainly focused on Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez, who previously appeared in “Hawkeye.” “Echo” combines action, drama, and Marvel’s signature intrigue to create a captivating story about the shadows of personal and criminal pasts.

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