Fans Answer: What Are Some Shows You Refuse to Watch and Why?

I’m going to be real with you: as someone who randomly refuses to watch popular TV series, I was so excited to put this list together. If you’re also the kind of person who feels principled about shows you don’t want to watch, you’ll definitely love these popular answers to the question, “What are some shows you refuse to watch?”

Spoiler alert: A lot of people don’t like reality TV. Are any of your favorite shows on this list?

1. The Bachelorette

“Any sort of dating/marriage setup shows like The Bachelorette,” one person commented.

A lot of people responded in agreement, so this must be a common sentiment. I can totally see it. Not only do these shows feel cheesy and fake, but it’s also kind of weird to watch someone make life commitments on reality TV.

2. Thirteen Reasons Why

This show comes up a lot as something people don’t like, and it’s no surprise why: Thirteen Reasons Why was popular enough (and political enough) to find its way into the mainstream. Whether you’re avoiding it out of principle or just aren’t into this kind of show, it’s an easy choice to skip for many folks.

3. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

It’s honestly shocking how long this family has been on the air. What isn’t shocking, though, is that people aren’t interested in seeing wealthy people’s superficial problems, which is a lot of what this show is. Not that I really need to explain why people are polarized on this one. As one commentator said: “Anything Kardashian, no explanation necessary.”

4. The Idol

This one just came out, so it’s kind of shocking to see it already listed as one of the shows folks refuse to watch. Airing on HBO and co-created by the Weekend (the musician), The Idol follows an aspiring pop star that’s dating a self-help guru cult leader.

In defense of those who suggested this one, it’s currently HBO’s worst-reviewed show.

“The Idol. I couldn’t get past the first episode,” the person who listed it complained.

5. Sister Wives

I actually used to watch this show, but in the same way, I guiltily watched 19 Kids and Counting. Sister Wives, if you’re not familiar with it, is a reality TV show that follows a polygamous man and his 4 wives. Spoiler alert: he no longer has 4 wives.

“Sister Wives. I refused to even be in the room if it was on. It’s such garbage,” someone said harshly.

6. Long Running Anime Shows

This is a bit general, but there were so many comments on this suggestion that I just had to share it. This one is controversial because the same shows that run for 400+ episodes, like One Piece or Naruto, are also some of the most popular and recommended.

One anime fan explained their reasoning with, “I don’t care how good it is if I can watch 10+ good anime in that same amount of time, I’m doing that instead.”

7. This Is Us

This show is super popular, so it’s hard to see why folks wouldn’t want to at least give it a shot, but one comment explained it pretty well: “A sad show that people sob over each week? No thank you.”


8. Handmaid’s Tale

I wasn’t a big fan of this series myself, but I wouldn’t consider it to be terrible, either. Thankfully an explanation came with this suggestion that makes perfect sense. First of all, The Handmaid’s Tale is depressing for folks who genuinely worry it could be a near-future reality.

Second, and most interestingly, people refuse to watch The Handmaid’s Tale because it stars Elisabeth Moss, and they find casting a devout Scientologist too hypocritical of a choice to ignore.

9. Big Mouth

I only watched Big Mouth because friends pressured me into it, but I totally agree that the art style is a major turn-off for this series. Other criticisms included the comedy style (too childish) and how creepy the show feels to them.

10. That ’90s Show

Fans of That ’70s Show should enjoy That ’90s Show, but there are some that refuse to watch it because they’re worried it won’t live up to their expectations and, by extension, ruin That ’70s Show for them. Sometimes it’s better to keep those rose-tinted glasses on!

11. Euphoria

This one came up more than once in different threads and for different reasons. Some folks found it too dark in general, others really didn’t like the idea of watching teens do drugs. Either way, it’s a pass for quite a few people (despite being popular).

12. Tiger King

Wait, there are people who didn’t watch Tiger King? Just kidding – I know a few! What’s interesting is the reason why Tiger King is one of those shows people refuse to watch (besides just not being interested or animal welfare concerns): too many memes.

Take this comment as an example: “Never understood what it was about, and the nonstop memes and posting about it online has made me hate the show and the people in it with a burning passion.”


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