Francesca Bridgerton In The Bridgerton Show Explained

Francesca Bridgerton is the 6th Bridgerton child and the third daughter, but you would be forgiven if, even after watching the Netflix TV Show, you had no clue who she was.


That’s because although she does in fact, appear in both Season 1 and Season 2 of the show, she appears so infrequently and has so few lines it is as if she doesn’t exist.


This is actually pretty similar to the books where Francesca barely appears until her own book When He Was Wicked.

Who Plays Francesca Bridgerton In The Show Bridgerton?


Ruby Stokes plays Francesca Bridgerton in Season 1 and Season 2 of the show.


Who is replacing Francesca Bridgerton?


Hannah Dodd is replacing Ruby Stokes to play Francesca Bridgerton starting in Season 3.


Why is Francesca Bridgerton being replaced?


Ruby Stokes was cast as a lead actor in a different Netflix show, Lockwood & Co. Due to scheduling conflicts, and the fact that her character has barely appeared on the show, the producers decided to replace her with Hannah Dodd.


Is Francesca in Bridgerton Season 3?


Yes! Since Hannah Dodd is replacing Francesca in Bridgerton season 3, we can expect to see a lot more of her character. In fact, paparazzi pictures showed her filming a scene of what looks to be her court presentation.


Will there be a season about Francesca Bridgerton?


We do not know if there will be a season about Francesca Bridgerton. Netflix has renewed Bridgerton through season 4, so if the TV Series follows the books (it has already deviated from the order), then Francesca’s season won’t be until season 6. However, as of now, we can only hope!


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  1. I love the first two Bridgerton shows I’ve been n watching them over and over until a new one starts. I am a 79 yr.old widow and I have also read the first two books. Please try to get the young Duke of Hastings back on the show with Daphne


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