Good Omens Season 3: What We Know So Far

As someone obsessed with Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens I, like so many other folks, was completely devastated after watching season 2. It ended on a total cliffhanger! There must be a Good Omens season 3 coming, right? Well here’s everything we know so far.

I’m not going to bury the lede here: yes, Neil Gaiman has said more Good Omens story is coming. It’s just the details on how that will happen (and when) that aren’t so clear cut.

Will There Be a Good Omens Season 3?

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As of now, season 3 of Good Omens has not been confirmed by Amazon. Whether or not the show gets to continue seems to be dependent on streaming success and negotiations, so it remains to be seen.

In short: If you want to see season 3 of this show, get your friends to watch it!

But that doesn’t meant the story will end of Good Omens is cancelled. Neil Gaiman has already said that regardless of what happens, Crowley and Aziraphale’s story isn’t over

If Good Omens get cancelled by Amazon Gaiman will write the conclusion to their story instead. 

When Will Season 3 of Good Omens Come Out?

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Since it hasn’t been renewed officially we still don’t have a release date for season 3 of Good Omens.

There were four years between season 1 and 2 so hopefully we don’t need to wait quite as long if it does get picked back up.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the script for season 3 is also not finished. Neil Gaiman mentioned on his blog that he hasn’t been able to work on it due to the writer’s strike. 

This will cause delays even if it does get renewed we should expect to see Season 3 of Good Omens released in early 2026.

Is Season 3 of Good Omens Based on a Book?

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The first season of Good Omens was based on the book of the same name, but what about seasons 2 and 3? Actually, they’re all new material! Season 2 and 3 of Good Omens are not based on a book.

Although we could see a book covering the story come out later, depending on what happens with the production.

That being said, season 3’s story had already been outlined and the ending written prior to the show starting. For that reason, season 2 acts as a bridge between the events of the book and the already pre-written (and still secret) conclusion. 

Did Sir Terry Pratchett Work on the Good Omens TV Show?

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If you’re not familiar with him, Sir Terry Pratchett is the co-author of Good Omens. Sadly he passed away in 2015. 

Pratchett and Gaiman remained good friends from the time the Good Omens book came out (back in 1990) until his death, and continued to expand on the story of Good Omens over the years.

Prior to his death, Pratchett sat down with Gaiman to discuss the plot of Good Omens if it would be made into a TV series, and how the story should continue after the events of the book.

“In 2010 when Terry and I agreed to let people go forward with making Good Omens as a TV show, we talked about the shape of the show as a whole and where it would go.” Gaiman said on his blog. 

Gaiman also said at a different point that, “The first episode and the end of the last episode are written, the rest is plotted. The overall story was figured out with Terry in 1989, the end was decided by Terry and me in 2006.”

The Sequel

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Apparently the working title for the sequel was “668:The Neighbour of the Beast”, which is just delightful. 

The Good Omens TV show also ended up being the last request from Sir Terry Pratchett to Neil Gaiman before he died, adding to the significance. 

In short, yes, Sir Terry Pratchett did work on the Good Omens TV series, especially season 3.

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