Nicola and Luke Just Shared The Cutest Bridgerton Tradition!

Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton are just the cutest!


We knew that already but the latest Instagram story that Nicola and Luke just confirmed!


It seems to be a tradition in the Bridgerton cast that the lead couples provide a little treat for the cast and crew while they are filming.


Phoebe and Rege-Jean Page hired a food truck for the cast and crew

Simone and Johnny hired a food truck for the cast and crew


Now, Nicola and Luke hired a churro truck for the cast and crew as a end-of-week treat. Yummy!


I screenshotted Nicola’s story and another fan managed to grab Luke’s story.


Luke’s story shows a picture of the churro truck that has a sign on it saying “Love, Luke and Nicola”



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Nicola’s story says, “Mom and Dad got a Churros truck for the kids and they loved it! Thanks”



We are swooning over this tradition and hopefully, they will keep it up!




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