The Empress is a Swoon-Worthy Drama

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If you love historical romance and historical fiction, then I am utterly thrilled to tell you that Netflix’s The Empress is a TV Show truly worthy of your attention.


The lush court drama has all the makings of a perfect romance: a pretty and funny protagonist, a serious Emperor, gorgeous clothes, and beautiful palaces. It also has the dark intrigue of Court Life and the contrasts that exist between the Royal Court we all love to read about and the hard lives of the peasants who work to serve them.


I have loved Sisi, Empress of Austria, since I read The Royal Diaries: Elisabeth of Austria as a young child. When I saw the trailer for the show, I was thrilled, and it does not disappoint!


The show is in German but is dubbed over in English on Netflix.


For almost 200 years, Empress Elisabeth has captured the imaginations of people from around the world. Netflix shows the young woman’s inner turmoil and her rebellion, as Empress, against the corset of courtly convention. The show gives us insights into the protagonists’ lives at the Viennese Court – the power struggles and the secrets surrounding Elisabeth and Franz.

About The Empress

When rebellious Elisabeth (“Sisi”) meets Franz, the young Emperor of Austria, it’s love at first sight. But their ecstatic and impetuous relationship causes chaos in the dynasty and upsets the balance of power.


After the wedding, the young Empress has to find her place in a totally foreign world while standing her ground against her overbearing mother-in-law Sophie who, until now, had always been the most powerful woman in the Viennese Court.


Meanwhile, Elisabeth’s feelings are put to the test by Maximilian, the second-in-line who lives perpetually in his brother’s shadow. Hostile troops gather at the borders of the Habsburg Empire and revolution is in the air in Vienna. Elisabeth needs to learn who she can trust and the price she must pay for being the Empress and a symbol of hope for an entire nation.



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