The 6 Netflix Cancellations That Are Still Making Us Mad

Netflix is not new to canceling shows, even if it does not sit well with its subscribers. You would think Netflix would hesitate to cancel some loved shows, but when it is time for a selected show to go, it will go. And is it even a Netflix cancellation if it does not leave fans with a huge cliffhanger?

Canceled Shows

The OA.
Image Credit: Nicola Goode/Netflix.

Whether for licensing issues or something else, Netflix has canceled shows that subscribers would do anything to have them back.

A Reddit user made a post inquiring about which canceled Netflix show the community’s members wanted back; here are some of the responses.

1. Santa Clarita Diet

Timothy Olyphant, Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet Season 2
Image Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix.

Santa Clarita Diet, starring Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore as married realtors, was canceled after three seasons. The 2019 cancellation left the show’s cult heartbroken, and many would do anything to see it brought back.

The show’s fans could not understand why it was canceled, especially with how witty it was. Besides, it was well-received and performed pretty well.  Many online petitions tried hard to fight this cancellation, but they all never succeeded.

2. The Office

Dwight Schrute The Office.
Image Credit: NBC.

The Office is one of the shows removed from Netflix’s catalog because their contract to stream it ended. According to Cosmopolitan, NBCUniversal, which owns the rights to The Office, launched its streaming service, Peacock. So, when Netflix’s contract ended, all of this workplace comedy’s seasons got transferred to Peacock.

3. Daredevil

Charlie Cox and Elodie Yung in Daredevil (2015).
Image Credit: Netflix.

This Netflix-Marvel movie was removed from Netflix and given a new streaming home, Disney Plus, when its Netflix licensing expired in March 2022. While it was labeled a Netflix Original, it has always been a Marvel movie. Speculations are that Marvel gave Netflix the right to distribute the movie while it went behind the scenes and started its streaming platform, Disney Plus.

Daredevil is one of the 6 Marvel Defender shows that were simultaneously scrapped from Netflix, leaving their avid fans crushed or with the choice of getting a Disney+ subscription. The other 5 were Jessica Jones, the Punisher, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defender Itself.

4. Mindhunter

Anna Torv in Mindhunter
Image Credit: Netlflix.

Although Netflix never “officially” discontinued Mindhunter, the show’s producers started talking about the discontinuation in February 2023.

In an interview with Forbes, David Fincher, one of the show’s executive producers, said he was super proud of the show’s first two seasons. He, however, revealed that it was such an expensive show, and they did not attract an audience big enough to justify Netflix’s investment.

The show was based in the late 70s, where two FBI agents tapped into criminal science and the psychology of murder to catch serial killers. Canceling the show immensely devastated psychological thriller and crime drama fans.

5. The OA

Brit Marling in The OA
Image Credit: JoJo Whilden/Netflix.

“The OA was such a good show, I cannot believe they discontinued it,” said one commenter. Right from its debut, The OA received much acclamation from a strong fanbase; it is one of those shows that keeps your mind on a jog, thanks to its fantasy, sci-fi, and supernatural elements.

It is also one of those Netflix cancellations that end in a horrible cliffhanger. The show’s fans have been signing petitions to have a season 3, but Netflix has shown no signs of doing it.

The show is centered around a character, Prairie Johnson, who disappears from her home, then resurfaces after seven years with supernatural abilities and starts recruiting people to her secret mission.

6. The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal Series
Image Credit: KEVIN BAKER/Netflix.

Louis Letterier, who directed the ten episodes of The Dark Crystal: Age of Renaissance, revealed that he hoped to have an opportunity to continue the story, even after Netflix decided to discontinue it.

After a single season, Netflix announced that it would not have more seasons of The Dark Crystal. This news was sadly received by the movie’s fanbase. One of them said, “The Dark Crystal. Canceling that show was criminal.”

The show’s fans have been waiting to hear of a possible revival, but there seems to be little to no hope.

The most unbelievable thing is that Netflix officially dropped this show just a day after it won an Emmy in 2020.

Canceled Shows

Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet.
Image Credit: Lara Solanki / Netflix.

Whether it is due to investment or licensing issues, Netflix cancels dozens of shows every other year. While it is something normal for them to do, they sometimes leave their subscribers on cliffhangers. It is even more devastating to know that your comfort show has been scrapped or will be discontinued from Netflix.

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