12 TV Shows That Are Like Warm Hugs on a Cold Day

Comfort viewing is a real thing! Everyone has something that takes their mind off life’s stress, or that entertains no matter how many times you’ve seen it. So I’m asking… What is your comfort TV show? Here are the most popular 12 answers!

If you don’t have one in mind, here are some ideas from other people on the internet. Who knows, maybe yours is on this list too!

(For the record, mine didn’t: it’s the Doctor Who reboot, especially the episodes with David Tennant.)

The Golden Girls

Shelley Jensen and Betty White
Image Credit: s_bukley via DepositPhotos.com.

I was shocked at how much this one came up, but it really is a great show. Funny, witty, and entertaining – it’s easy to see how someone could come back to this show again and again.

“Just hearing the swirling strings in the opening scenes puts me right at ease.” someone said of the series, referencing the intro theme.


Chevy Chase and Donald Glover in Community (2009).
Image Credit: NBC Universal.

I love Community and recently rewatched a bunch so I know first hand how well it holds up to repeat viewing. Pretty much every episode is funny. Plus it gives you some hope for humanity—or at least the power of friendship.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Danny DeVito, Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, and Glenn Howerton in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005).
Image Credit: FXX Network.

If Community gives you hope, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a comfort show because no matter how bad your life is you’re always doing better than these people.

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd.
Image Credit: BBC.

The perfect comfort show when you can’t turn your life off and back on again. Seriously though, as someone who works in tech I love the IT Crowd. And apparently I’m not alone, since plenty of folks flip this one on when they need a pick-me-up!

The Office

Phyllis Smith, John Krasinski, and Leslie David Baker in The Office (2005).
Image Credit: NBC Universal.

We’re talking about the US version of the show here when it comes to comfort watching, specifically seasons 2 through 7. Apparently, even die-hard fans agree it gets better after season 1…

King of the Hill

King of the Hill.
Image Credit: 3 Arts Entertainment.

A bit of a throwback here since this one stopped airing in 2010. If you have an affinity for propane and propane accessories or just some ridiculous laughs, King of the Hill is a great option for comfort watching.

The West Wing

The West Wing.
Image Credit: Warner Bros Television.

Since most of these suggestions were comedies, I was surprised to see people consider The West Wing as their comfort show. That isn’t to say The West Wing isn’t funny at times, but it’s definitely more of a drama. But hey, any show you enjoy can be reassuring when you’re feeling down – so why not.


Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Noelle Sheldon, and Cali Sheldon in Friends (1994).
Image Credit: NBC Universal.

Everyone from Reddit users to Prince Harry have found comfort watching reruns of Friends over the years, so it has to make the list! There’s something cathartic about watching something so familiar over again for fans of this show.


Image Credit: NBC Universal.

Scrubs is a fantastic show that blends comedy with enough drama to keep it interesting. If you haven’t watched it, definitely check it out because apparently it’s good enough to be a comfort show for a bunch of people.


Image Credit: NBC.

Another older show that folks keep coming back to, and many argue Seinfeld is funnier the more times you watch it.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Image Credit: Paramount.

You could probably watch any Star Trek series (there’s so many great ones!), but Deep Space Nine came up the most often for comfort viewing. If you’re not familiar with the franchise, DSN is the Star Trek series that stars Avery Brooks as the captain.

The Simpsons

THE SIMPSONS: When a plague of insects shuts down Springfield, the Simpsons face their greatest challenge yet...spending time in lockdown with each other in the "The Very Hungry Caterpillars".
Image Credit: Fox Flash/20th Television.

Last, but definitely not least in terms of both quality and a show people watch when they want to feel better about life, is The Simpsons. Some prefer to watch the earlier episodes, others consider the middle season to be the best. And of course plenty of folks still get their weekly comfort watch in with the new episodes!

Regardless, The Simpsons has touched multiple generations and makes a great comfort series for countless folks out there.

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