20 Most Paused Movie Scenes of All Time

Over the years, certain movie scenes have become legendary for being the most paused and replayed frames in film history. 

Whether uncovering hidden Easter eggs, encoding information, or simply providing jaw-dropping visuals, these scenes have left an unerasable mark on the audience.

We’ll dive into the 20 most paused movie scenes of all time, ranging from iconic moments that have shaped pop culture to more hidden and less-known gems that invite closer inspection.

1. A113 Various

Toy Story 4.
Image Credit: Disney/Pixar.


In almost all the Pixar films you watch, you will likely spot “A113” referenced in various original and clever ways. The number refers to the California Institute of the Arts classroom, where numerous creators who later worked for Disney, such as Tim Burton, 

Brad Bird and John Lasseter, began their careers. Lasseter initiated this trend, starting with Toy Story in 1995, and ever since then, it has been a recurring trend in almost all Pixar films. 

2. Visitors in Arendelle “Frozen”

Bangkok, Thailand – December 8, 2019: Cute Photo Spot from Disney Animation Frozen II (2) displays at King Power Mall Rangnam. Main Characters are Price Elsa, Prince Anna and Olaf A Cute Snowman.
Image Credit: Sarunyu L/Shutterstock.


In Frozen, Anna is over the moon about finally opening the castle gates, but it’s not the first time the viewers have seen a few familiar faces amongst their guests. If you didn’t spot Rapunzel without her magical hair and Flynn accompanying her, you probably missed them arriving for Elsa’s coronation. This cameo started a fan theory about how princesses are related. 

3. Traffic at Game Central Station “Wreck-It Ralph” (2012)

Wreck-It Ralph.
Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.


If you want to catch all the Easter Eggs in this film, it will probably take you a few rewatches, but we can help you get started. When Ralph is moving between games at the busy Game Central Station, you can spot multiple gaming characters like Tiny the T-Rex from Meet the Robinsons and Vald and Maximus from Tangled.  

4. What Does That Say? “The Lion King”

The Lion King.
Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures.


One of the most talked-about pause moments in the Disney universe is when Simba collapses onto the grass in exasperation. Some viewers claimed they saw the letters S-E-X written in the sky, starting a myth about Disney having subliminal messaging. But that was far from reality, as the letters actually spelled out S-F-X, a nod to the special effects team. 

5. Pirated DVDs “Zootopia”

Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios.


Zootopia has some exciting meta moments that are worth pausing for. During Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps’s investigation, the viewers should pause and look at the DVD collection when they approach Duke the Weasel. 

You will discover animal spoofs of various other Disney movies such as “Pig Hero Six, “Wrangled” and “Wreck-It Rhino.” These scenes give way to the excitement for possible potential future releases like “Giraffic,” hinting at Gigantic, “Meowana” for Moana as well as “Floatzen 2” referencing the Frozen sequel in 2019. 

6. Brad Pitt Flashes

Fight Club
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.


In the clutch classic Fight Club, Edward Norton’s character talks about Tyler Durden’s (played by Brad Pitt) habit of secretly adding things to films while he worked as a movie projector operator. 

Taylor had similar interests when it came to this movie, as he had some fun by slicing himself into four scenes before formally introducing himself; everyone saw these scenes, but only a few spotted him. He appears on television in an advertisement as a waiter, hinting towards other unconventional activities. These subtle moments show his true identity, adding intrigue for the viewers. 

7. A Headbangin’ Good Time

Star Wars: Episode IV.
Image Credit:


In “Star Wars: Episode 5 – A New Hope” (1977), there’s a scene that fans love to rewatch without getting bored. It’s when a Stormtrooper walks into a room with his group and accidentally bumps his head on the door above. This scene became so famous that the clumsy Stormtrooper even has its own Wookieepedia fan page. 

8. Secret Surprises

Image Credit: Walt Disney Productions.


In Tron from 1982, Disney included a Hidden Mickey, a subtle nod to their iconic character. Hidden Mickeys are shapes or little images of Mickey Mouse reflecting in the background of various Disney movies.

They are often quite discreet, the one in Tron is very visible. It takes up almost all of the screen as the solar sailer flies by, however without having a pause, the famous mouse ears might go unnoticed. 

9. Mrs. Robinson

The Graduate.
Image Credit:
Lawrence Truman Productions.


In The Graduate from 1967, a scene is meant to be both uncomfortable and sexy. Mike Nichols, the director, achieves this by using clever editing to make the viewers feel like they are experiencing the moment, along with Benjamin Braddock. 

The scene shows Mr. Robbinson attempting to seduce Benjamin through a glimpse of her naked body in the reflection in her daughter’s photograph. Benjamin tries his best to avoid looking straight at it; however, he ends up catching a few peaks of her topless form. This scene goes by quickly, leaving the audience questioning what they saw. But by pausing the scene, the image becomes quite clear.

10. Thong

The Back-up Plan.
Image Credit: CBS Films.


In The Back-up Plan from 2010, Jennifer Lopez’s buttocks have become a very prominent feature of her identity and were shown on full display in this movie. Lopez plays a woman who gets pregnant through artificial insemination and observes her changing body in front of the mirror. It’s quite likely that the viewer paused at that scene to examine her curvy rear ending in a thong. 

11. Topless Frames

The Rescuers.
Image Credit: Walt Disney.


A scene in The Rescuers, a G-rated Disney film, caused quite a bit of controversy. When the film was released on home video in 1999, attentive viewers noticed something unexpected. There is a brief image of a topless woman in the scene where Bianca and Barnard fly past the New York background. This detail was hidden and could only be seen if the movie was paused. 

12. Roller Undercarriage

V for Vendetta
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.


In V for Vendetta, released in 2005, based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd, a scene gives the fans a bit of nudity. In the original graphic novel, the protagonist, Evey, has a couple of panels where she shows nudity.

However, Natalie Portman did not film any topless scenes in the film. In one of the scenes of the movie, Evey is sent by V to seduce a clergyman who is guilty of child molestation. Despite being warned, the clergyman fails to catch on and ends up being kicked in his sensitive area. As Evey rolls off the bed to escape, there’s a shy moment that shows the viewer what she’s wearing underneath.  

13. Extra From an Extra

Teen Wolf (1985).
Image Credit:
Atlantic Entertainment Group.


Teen Wolf (1985), starring Micheal J. Fox as a teenage werewolf who is excellent at basketball, gives some strange moments. However, one of the film’s strangest scenes was not intentional. After Scott Howard wins the big game and shares a romantic moment with Boof, an odd detail is in the background. It seems like an extra actor placed in the crowd had an open fly.

Despite being joked about in the Family Guy, it was actually a woman whose face is slightly visible in the fill-frame version of the movie. Another extra on the scene said that the woman’s clothes were too tight and led to a wardrobe malfunction. 

14. Commando Cartoons

Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Image Credit: Touchstone Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Silver Screen Partners III.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit  (1988) features Jessica Rabbit, who could easily be a Playboy Bunny, not just because her husband is an actual rabbit. This animated character is possibly the most overly sexualized figure in animation history and might have snuck her private parts past censorship. 

Reports started coming in when the movie was released on LaserDisc suggesting that Jessica is seen without underwear when she’s thrown out of the Benny the Cab. The scene only lasts for a second, which is 24 frames per second and can be very easily missed unless you’re already aware of it. 

15. Give up the Ghost

Three Men and a Baby.
Image Credit:
Touchstone Pictures.


Despite its genre, Three Men and a Baby faced paranormal activities on set. A mysterious figure appears in the background during a typical scene that includes Ted Danson, his mother, and their baby.

Adding on top of the odd occurrence, a story started circulating that a boy had died in the very house they were filming. But, the rumors were shot down with explainable logic. The figure that is in the movie is actually a cutout of Ted Danson, and the scene was filmed on a soundstage, not in a real house

16. Se** Double-Cross

Basic Instinct.
Image Credit:
Carolco Pictures.


Basic Instinct (1992) shocked the viewers when Catherine Tramell showed a revealing glimpse of her private parts, and apparently, so did Sharon Stone. The actress initially wore underwear but removed it under the director’s request. Sharon believed the nudity would be only hinted at until she watched the film with a test audience.

 The director denied these claims, which led Sharon to slap him in the face as she felt misled. Being amongst the steamiest moments in cinema, it’s no wonder this scene became one of the most paused in film history. 

17. The Munchkin Suicides

The Wizard of Oz.
Image Credit:
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).


In The Wizard of Oz (1939), during Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow’s journey to meet the Wizard, an unidentified Munchkin prepares to end his life. The tale suggests that in the background of a happy, cheerful musical scene, a Munchkin is seen trying to hand himself. This caused a widespread conspiracy, leading to countless TV pauses. 

18. Horror History

The Cabin in the Woods.
Image Credit: Lionsgate.


The Cabin in the Woods (2012) is a love letter to the horror genre, filled with blatant and subtle references. There are so many details that it becomes almost necessary in some scenes. One of the scenes is when an underground organization predicts the horrors that will happen to the cabin and lists various monsters on the board. 

Alongside well-known creatures such as mummies, zombies, and vampires, the board includes more obscure creatures like mermen, snowmen, and goblins. However, one name on the board remains a mystery – Kevin. Are they referencing Home Alone, or We need to talk about Kevin? Who is this, Kevin? This mystery adds to the movie’s playful homage to horror tropes. 

19. Legendary Cameo

Man of Steel.
Image Credit:
Warner Bros.


Man of Steel (2013) sadly marks the passing of the original Superman, Christopher Reeve, before he could see Henry Cavill take on his role. However, the movie pays tribute to Reeve’s legacy through the symbolic passing of the torch.

Clark Kent goes through a transformative moment. Skyrocketing towards the World Engine, Reeves’s face begins to shine through, only for a moment. The viewer has to pause to see this scene, and that’s exactly what the fans did.

20. Zipper Trouble

There's Something About Mary.
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.


The 90’s comedy movie There’s Something About Mary pushed the boundaries with its hard-R. The famous scene where Ted, played by Ben Stiller, finds his private part caught in a zipper gives us more than we would want.

The film doesn’t hold back from giving us an up-close and a bot too personal look. Based on how dreadful the sight was described, the viewer can paint a graphic picture in their minds, but it gets worse. It’s like a car crash; you can’t look away from it as a bit of Ted’s private part pokes out from his pants. 

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