Critics Agree: These 12 TV Shows Are the Absolute Worst

What’s the worst show you’ve ever watched? Not just a bad show. Not a show you found boring, or didn’t like, or couldn’t get into. I mean the worst of the worst.

If you’re critical (like I am), it can be hard to narrow down the list, so I pulled some fantastic fan suggestions for this one instead.

Wizards vs. Aliens

Image Credit: BBC Cymru Wales.

This one sounds like Cowboys vs Aliens ’ even worse TV cousin – and in some ways it was. It’s a teen show about a kid who’s actually a wizard… And then he has to fight aliens. Surprisingly it had okay reviews, but that might have been because it was written by Russell T. Davies, the writer behind Doctor Who ’s reboot.

The Chamber

Image Credit: RDF Media.

During the heyday of reality TV gameshows plenty of odd concepts got greenlit, but few were as strange as The Chamber. Running for one very short season (6 episodes were filmed and only 3 actually aired), The Chamber had contestants answering questions while strapped into a real-life torture chamber.

Yes, you read that right. Did anyone talk to legal before filming this one? Anyway, it’s as bad as you’d expect.

Queen for a Day

Image Credit: Robert Stillman Productions.

The concept behind Queen For a Day is enough to put modern exploitative reality shows like 16 and Pregnant to shame. Four contestants, all poor mothers in dire straits, would compete to be chosen as “Queen” based on an audience applause meter.

What makes it bad is how depressing it was to see them begging for help, and worse losing then not receiving any aid. A lot of the asks involved medical equipment for sick or disabled kids.

It originally started as a radio show back in 1945 and was a step to the reality TV shows we have today.


Image Credit: 51 Minds Entertainment.

There’s plenty of reality shows surrounding weddings like Say Yes to the Dress, but nothing is more dystopian than the short-lived reality show Bridalplasty. As the name suggests, brides-to-be compete to win plastic surgery so they can be “perfect” for their big day. Gross.

The Swan

Image Credit: FremantleMedia.

In a similar vein, The Swan is another show where plastic surgery is involved. Only in this one, a bunch of “ugly ducklings” (women) undergo plastic surgery to see which can create the biggest transformation into “a swan”.

How this got a second season I’ll never know.

Finding Bigfoot

Image Credit: Ping Pong Productions.

I have nothing against cryptid hunting shows like Finding Bigfoot as a concept, but this one was executed terribly. For example, in one episode they hosted a dance party in the forest for Bigfoot.

Sadly, he did not attend.

My Super Sweet 16

Image Credit: MTV Networks.

MTV had all kinds of reality shows involving teenagers that you may or may not have enjoyed, but plenty of people find My Super Sweet 16 the worst show they’ve ever watched. It’s just a bunch of spoiled rich kids acting spoiled and rich for their extremely lavish 16th birthdays.


Caillou, Caillou Loves the Fall.
Image Credit: PBS for Kids.

Not a lot of explanation needed here!

For the record though, the author was done dirty by the TV series. In the books Caillou was meant to be a toddler, not a four year old, and was a lot less annoying.

Secret Life of an American Teenager

Image Credit: Brendavision.
Everything about this show was bad. Created by the man behind 7th Heaven, Secret Life of an American Teenager was a badly written family drama with a heavy Christian focus. Unless you’re really interested in sex-shaming teens  this is one of the worst shows that ever aired TV.


Image Credit: CBS.

Rob Schneider is kind of funny, but not super funny, so it’s no wonder his sitcom Rob never realized success.

Not only was it unfunny, the premise was pretty bad: Rob’s character marries into a tight-nit Mexican family (with Cheech Marin as his new father in law) and tries to connect with them. It doesn’t go well for him… Or the viewer.

19 Kids and Counting

Image Credit: Figure 8 Films.

This show might as well be propaganda for right-wing evangelical Christianity and the Quiverfull/ILBP movements.

You could fill a book with all the problems this show has created (and one of the Dugger kids has), so let’s just leave it at this: for a lot of people it’s the worst TV show they’ve ever watched.

Black. White.

Image Credit: FX Productions.

Best for last? Maybe! I can kind of see where they were coming from with this concept, but the reality is… Interesting. It was a show where a White and Black family switched places to see how it felt to be each other.

It won an Emmy award for best makeup. That is to say, for the best Black face.

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