12 Movies That Are So Bad the Whole Thing Feels Like the Epitome of Cringe

I personally hate being cringed out when watching movies but some movies are so bad the whole thing feels like the epitome of cringe. This isn’t just the characters encountering cringe-out scenes that upset the viewers but films that have an entire “cringe vibe” the whole way through.

Even if you like some of these (although most are also universally considered to be bad movies) there’s no denying that they’re incredibly cringey.

The Room

The Room.
Image Credit: Wiseau Films.

Someone described The Room as “self insert fanfiction level writing as a film” and that’s actually surprisingly accurate. It’s written by, directed by, and starring Tommy Wiseau in one of the cringiest movies that’s ever managed to see the light of day.

Movie 43

Movie 43.
Image Credit: Relativity Media.

The thing about Movie 43 is that it was supposed to be good. That is to say: it has a bunch of big-name movie stars in it. The plot is that a washed up director is trying to pitch weird storylines to various celebrities. It probably should have been funny but the end result was just various levels of cringe.

Freddy Got Fingered

Freddy Got Fingered.
Image Credit: New Regency Productions.

Remember Tom Green? His style of gross out comedy is definitely polarizing, with more people not enjoying it then calling themselves a fan. Anyway, they gave him a movie and it’s not only awful, but so cringe-inducing at times that it’s hard to watch.


Image Credit:
Blumhouse Productions.

I’m all for queer empowerment movies but this one totally missed the mark. If you thought it was a documentary… You’d be wrong. Nor is it a feel-good LGBTQ+ film. Not even a tragedy! No, They/Them is a slasher movie that’s badly written, poorly acted, and a masterclass in cringe from beginning to end.


Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Long before Twilight gave us the iconic vampire baseball scene we had basketball in 2004’s Catwoman. Watching that one scene will tell you everything you need to know about what level of cringe to expect from this DC film.

The Love Guru

The Love Guru.
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

This one might be controversial since it seems to have a cult following, but a movie can be well-loved (at least by some people) and still the epitome of cringe too!

Any Steven Seagal Movie

DORTMUND, GERMANY - November 3rd 2018: Steven Seagal (*1952, American actor, martial artist, and film producer - Red Alert, Nico, Deadly Revenge) at Weekend of Hell 2018.
Image Credit: Markus Wissmann/Shutterstock.

How can you choose just one? Watch any Steven Seagal film and you’ll totally see what I’m talking about here – they’re so bad. Bonus points if you marathon them in release order and watch as he slowly gets more and more lazy with each film.


Image Credit:
Carolco Pictures.

Apparently erotic thriller is a real genre, but Showgirls proves that it’s one that can go very badly for your movie if you happen to mess it up. It wasn’t just the NC-17 rating that made this one flop – the combination of nudity and violence wasn’t thrilling, just cringey.

You People

You People. Sam Jay as Mo in You People.
Image Credit: Andrew Cooper/Netflix.

Another movie that maybe could have been good if it was executed better, You People stars several big-name celebrities like Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy but still manages to fall flat on its face in execution.


Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

If you’ve seen this musical turned incredibly peculiar movie you already know what I’m talking about here, but for everyone else Cats wasn’t just awful but super cringey too. It didn’t translate to the screen well and that, plus the horrible acting and very odd design choices, made a movie that wasn’t just a flop – but the epitome of cringe too.

Troll 2

Troll 2.
Image Credit: MGM.

Troll 2 was meant to be funny, but not the kind of funny that it ended up being. If you’re supposed to laugh with a movie but end up laughing at it that’s super cringe.

Monster Camp

Monster Camp.
Image Credit: Aaron Douglas Enterprises.

In this cringe-fest documentary released at the height of the World of Warcraft craze a bunch of MMO players are transformed into real-life versions of their video game characters.

“Ain’t no cringe like documentary cringe.” one person said while suggesting this one (as well as Trekkies and The People vs. George Lucas.) Can’t disagree with that!

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