12 Movies That Are So Incredibly Bad That They Turn Into Comedies

I’m a big B-movie fan and one of my favorite genres is when movies that aren’t supposed to be funny are so incredibly bad that they turn into comedies. Bonus points if they’re horror!

Some of these flicks are fun B-movies for you to check out, but there are also a few that are higher-budget movies with otherwise talented actors.

The Wicker Man (2006)

The Wicker Man.
Image Credit: StudioCanal.

A remake of the much better 1973 British film of the same name, The Wicker Man is one of many Nicholas Cage films that could easily fit onto this list of movies that are so incredibly bad that they turn into comedies.

Attack Force

Attack Force.
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Actually, pretty much anything made by/starring Steven Seagal is hilariously bad, but Attack Force is a great place to start if you’re new to the comedy that is his films. There’s no shortage of funny moments that should be serious, but my favorite part is when he gets in a slap fight with an alien.


The Twilight Saga.
Image Credit: Summit Entertainment.

Not to judge folks who enjoyed this movie/series, but for those who aren’t into Twilight there are definitely elements that make it hilarious to watch. I, for one, am in that camp; I just couldn’t take the sparkling vampires, baseball game, and angsty teen acting seriously. But it was funny, and that made it fun to watch!

Mommy Dearest

Mommy Dearest.
Image Credit:
Cranial Sacral Productions.

Horror is supposed to be scary, and certainly some folks found this one terrifying when it came out. Now, though? Well it’s more campy than scary… Which is fine by me!

The Happening

The Happening.
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

Is it happening? It’s happening! It’s The Happening! Try and take this M. Night Shyamalan film seriously and you’ll be in for disappointment. View it as a comedy, though, and it might just become watchable.

The Day After Tomorrow

Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

I enjoyed this movie but only as a comedy. In fact, I’m shocked to learn that it wasn’t meant to be funny. Anyway, if you hated The Day After Tomorrow or skipped it due to bad reviews check it out. It might not be a great action-disaster movie but it could be your next favorite comedy!

Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth.
Image Credit:
Warner Bros..

If you can’t laugh at one of the worst movies ever made, what can you laugh at? It actually doesn’t seem like such a bad movie at the start… Until the cavemen start flying around in fighter jets. It just gets crazier (and worse and funnier) from there. Enjoy!

Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Image Credit: I Got a Fish Productions.

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Bird’s has some pretty big shoes (nests?) to fill for anyone trying to follow it up, but apparently that sentiment was lost on the creator of this 2010 horror romance based on the classic film.

And yes, he thinks his movies are good. Plural. As in, somehow Birdemic: Shock and Terror got two sequels.

Movie marathon, anyone?


Image Credit:
Carolco Pictures.

No, not Sylvester Stallone! It just goes to show no one is safe from serious movies that are so bad they turn into comedies. Some parts of the movie are good, but they’re juxtaposition against bad acting, clearly fake sets, and hilariously awful death scenes.

Maximum Overdrive

Maximum Overdrive.
Image Credit: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG).

Few movies truly evoke the phrase “stay in your lane” like Maximum Overdrive. Stephen King movies have had mixed success over the years, but this was the only one he ever directed – and it’s a gift to all of us he never tried again.

The book was good and sombre in tone, but the film adaptation was campy, filled with black humor, and featured AC/DC in the soundtrack.

It could be argued Maximum Overdrive was supposed to be more funny than scary but considering King has since disowned the film the final product probably wasn’t the tone he was going for.

The Room

The Room.
Image Credit: Wiseau Films.


Another one high (low?) on the list of worst movies ever made, The Room is about a love triangle between the main character and two women.

Clearly a terribly executed drama when it came out, Tommy Wiseau has since ret-conned The Room to the genre of “black comedy” – likely because so many folks think it’s hilariously bad. I guess that’s one way to save your reputation…

Evil Dead

Evil Dead.
Image Credit:
TriStar Pictures.


Evil Dead is a movie that’s so bad that it didn’t just turn into a comedy movie… But an entire comedy franchise! Unlike a lot of movies on this list that are just plain bad and unredeemable, I think we can all agree Evil Dead is better for it after the genre change.

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