22 Amazon Prime Shows You’ll Be Talking About All Week (And Probably at Work Too)

Looking for your next binge-watch?  Amazon Prime has everything you need to stream, whether you’re looking for eye-catching historical dramas, surrealistic comedies, satirical realities, or formidable miniseries with a touch of lunacy.

1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
Image Credit: Philippe Antonello/Prime Video.


A delightful peek into the utterly marvelous world of 1950s New York City, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a charming tale of female empowerment. Consider it a treat to spend five seasons with housewife-turned-comedienne Midge Maisel (Golden Globe Award winner Rachel Brosnahan) as she transforms her life one comedic journey at a time. The costumes, set design, and historical accuracy will keep you hooked.

2. Bosch

Image Credit: Hopper Stone/ Amazon Studios.

Based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling novels, Harry Bosch (Titus Williver), an LAPD homicide detective, stands trial for the fatal shooting of a serial murder suspect. A cold case involving the remains of a missing boy forces Bosch to confront his past.

3.  Fellow Travelers

Jonathan Bailey as Tim in FELLOW TRAVELERS,
Image Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/SHOWTIME.

Looking for a miniseries with a hint of scandal, romance, and politics? Look no further than this historical thriller starting Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey based on the 2007 novel by Thomas Malton. Settle into to a scandalous love affair as you take a multi-decade journey through the Vietnam War, the 1970s disco era, and the AIDS crisis of the 1980s.

4. The Wilds

The Wilds.
Image Credit: Amazon Studios.

If Yellowjackets was your thing, you’ll be sure to relish this survival-turned-social experiment drama that’ll keep you guessing throughout its two seasons. Think Mean Girls meets Lost—with a coming-of-age apocalyptic twist.

5.  A Very English Scandal

A Very English Scandal.
Image Credit: Alan Peebles/Amazon Studios.

Hugh Grant’s no stranger to scandal, which he portrays well in this three-part British television drama. Based on the 2016 book of the same name, A Very English Scandal is the theatric tale of Jeremy Thorpe (Grant), an influential member of British Parliament as he tries to conceal his affair through an alleged murder plot.




6. Mozart in the Jungle

Mozart in the Jungle.
Image Credit: Amazon Studios.

Classical music fans rejoice in this outstandingly chaotic portrayal of Maestro Thomas, loosely based on conductor Gustavo Dudamel and played by Gael García Bernal. It’s a tale of conquering life-long professional dreams while struggling to find yourself in the big city.


7. Jury Duty

Jury Duty.
Image Credit: Amazon Freevee.

Looking for pure comedic relief? Look no further than this reality hoax sitcom about an offbeat (and fake) jury trial. It’s as ridiculous as it is accessible.


8. The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty.
Image Credit: Erika Doss/Prime Video.

Transport back to middle school with this lovable romantic comedy that captures the trials and tribulations of first love.


9. Chloe

Image Credit: York Tillyer/Amazon Studios.

This six-part psychological thriller from BBC and Amazon Studios is as engrossing as it is unhinged. Chloe, played by Erin Doherty, portrays a young woman pretending to be someone she isn’t after she learns of the death of her childhood friend on social media. It’s an obsessive depiction of imitation, deceit, and the lengths we will go to meticulously craft the life we wish we had.


10. Daisy Jones & the Six

Daisy Jones & the Six.
Image Credit: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video.

Based on the bestselling book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones & the Six is a fictional portrayal of the rise and fall of a 1970s rock band. It’s sex, drugs, and rock and roll at its finest. Soapy, yes. Worth it? Absolutely.


11. Fleabag

Image Credit: Amazon Studios.

Dark, dysfunctional, raunchy, and real, Fleabag is a brilliant depiction of friendship and forgiveness. Starring Killing Eve showrunner Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag is a three-time Primetime Emmy Award-winning series with tremendous edge.


12. The Boys

The Boys.
Image Credit: Amazon Studios.

Based on the comic book of the same name, the show is satire at its best. Not your typical superhero portrayal, The Boys’ is an antihero delight in which great power comes with great responsibility—and a hefty side of attitude.


13. Transparent

Image Credit: Jennifer Clasen/Amazon Studios.


The ultimate transformation story, Jeffrey Tambor stars in this dark comedy about life as a trans woman who opens up to her family after retiring as a (male) political science professor. It’s insightful, human, and relatable.


14. Three Pines

Three Pines.
Image Credit: Amazon Studios.

Long buried secrets run amok in this murderous drama based on Louise Penny’s series of books drawing on the expeditions of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.


15. Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers.
Image Credit: Niko Tavernise/Prime Video.


Disturbing, psychological, and grotesque, Dead Ringers is a remake of David Cronenberg’s 1988 thriller film. Staring Rachel Weisz in a doppelganger role, the one-season drama addresses medical ethics, women’s healthcare, and what one maniacal doctor will do to push her own agenda.


16. The Man in the High Castle

The Man In The High Castle.
Image Credit: Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios.

What if history could be rewritten? This series shows what would have happened if Germany and Japan had won World War II. It’s an ideal selection for sci-fi fans and historical buffs alike.


17. Flack

Image Credit: Amazon Studios.

Highlighting the intense world of public relations, Flack (starring Anna Paquin) is bitter, dark, and cringe—in the best ways possible. Brilliant writing takes center stage in this two-season drama set in London.


18. Harlem

Image Credit: Emily V Aragones/Prime Video.

Stylish, fun, flirty, and fierce, the show illustrates the lives of four girlfriends residing in New York City’s Harlem. It’s juicy, it’s sexy, and it’s a not-miss.


19. LOV3

Image Credit: Reprodução/Prime Video.

An objective and thought-provoking look at how life and perspective can change at any age, Lov3 portrays three adult children haphazardly navigating sex and love following their mother’s decision to leave her marriage.


20. Modern Love

Modern Love.
Image Credit: David Cleary/Amazon Studios.


Inspired by the New York Times column of the same name, Modern Love is an anthology series that brings to life the unique love stories portrayed in the paper’s cultish column.


21. The Outsider

Cynthia ErivoHBO WARNERMEDIA The Outsider WarnerMedia TCA Winter 2020 Season 1 - Episode 1.
Image Credit: Bob Mahoney/HBO.

Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, The Outsider is an investigative journey that leads everyone—including the viewer—to question the truth.


22. Westworld

Ariana Debose HBO Westworld Season 4 - Episode 8.
Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO.

If you didn’t catch the science fiction western wonder initially on HBO, you can stream it now on Amazon Prime. Set in a futuristic amusement park where wealthy patrons can create their own adventure, it’s a dystopian tale that addresses the heart of what it means to be human.

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