10 TV Shows That Are Almost as Good As Breaking Bad

There are some people who absolutely love Breaking Bad. They think that it is the best TV show of all time. So when they recommend a show that they say is “almost” as good as Breaking Bad, then you know they think it is a really good show!



Chernobyl was shockingly good. So well acted and absolutely horrifying,” one person wrote. They added, “And the trial in the finale where it’s just talking and explaining how a nuclear reactor explodes is surprisingly engaging.”

The Americans

“One person said, “The Americans is criminally overlooked. I wouldn’t but it up there with Breaking Bad and The Wire but it’s a great show.”

Boardwalk Empire

“Currently on the third season of Boardwalk Empire and really enjoying. My favorite aspect of the show is probably seeing all these well known gangsters such as Capone and Luciano starting off as kind of low level rent a thugs and seeing them begin to rise through the ranks,” one person wrote.


Another person recommended Succession, “Succession started a bit slow (wife wanted to stop watching after one episode), but within a few episodes we were hooked. The last several episodes were as good as anything I’ve seen.”

Peaky Blinders

There was some lukewarm praise for Peaky Blinders, “Peaky Blinders is cool but it is NOT on the same level. Things get pretty repetitive before too long.”

Better Call Saul

One person said, “I’d even argue that it’s better than bb”. Another person agreed, “There’s definitely moments where it feels better. Like they took everything they learned from BB and applied it all in a single scene.”


Fargo is pretty darn great. I recommend it to most breaking bad fans,” one person wrote. Another said, “Yeah the TV show is fantastic! Especially the first two seasons… I loved them all, but those two were amazing.”

Mr Robot

Mr Robot? I don’t know why more people are but talking about it. It really is good,” one person wrote.

Another added, “Mr Robot is an overlooked piece of media art.”

The Wire

“IMO, The Wire is the greatest show I’ve ever watched,” one person wrote.

Someone commented, “The Wire is magnificent. But OP should know it’s a very different kind of show. There’s not a primary protagonist and the storytelling isn’t a really focused Shakespearean tragedy like BB.”


“‘Barry‘ Bill Hader as Barry and Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank are awesome,” one person wrote.


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