Get the Tissues Ready: The Top 20 Tearjerker Movies of All Time

Sometimes, we want to watch a heartfelt movie that will make us cry. It can be a wartime heartbreak, unrequited romance, or even a coming-of-age drama, as there are many themes.

I have gathered some of the best emotional films to watch this weekend to guide you through it. Starting with:

1. Dead Poets Society (1989)

Image Credit: Dead Poets Society.


This movie features the brilliant Robin Williams as a kind-hearted teacher introduced to a strict all-boys prep school. Soon enough, he takes students under his wing, teaching them the joys of life through poetry. The complex lives of his students, combined with societal pressures, make the ending of this Dark Academia film an emotional must-watch.

2. Jojo Rabbit (2019)

Jojo Rabbit.
Image Credit: Searchlight Pictures.


If you can’t watch sad movies without the help of a little comedic element, you might like JoJo Rabbit. JoJo Beltzer is a youth scout with an imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler, the dictator. Amidst the ongoing World War II, his happy world turns upside down with a dreadful discovery. Jojo’s mother is giving shelter to a Jewish girl, and the chances of her survival are thin.

3. Big Fish (2003)

Big Fish.
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.


A father-son relationship portrayed beautifully is bound to have anyone in the feels. William Bloom returns to visit his ill father. Due to his extravagant storytelling, Will has strained relations with the older man. To discover the truth in his stories, Will sets out to explore. Stunning visuals and scenes will pull your heartstrings in this beautiful movie by Tim Burton.

4. The Whale (2022)

The Whale.
Image Credit:


This is the most heartbreaking recommendation of all. In Idaho, an obese English teacher (Brendan Fraser) reclines in his flat alone. His binge eating due to a traumatic event earns him a six-hundred-pound lifestyle. Despite it being a heart-sinking reality, his daughter Ellie (Sadia Sink) fails to sympathize with him. This film is an Oscar-winning masterpiece depicting failed trials to reconnect relationships.

5. Dear Zachary (2008)

Image Credit: Kuenne Film Productions.


Producer Kurt Kuenne made this crime documentary for Zachary, the son of the deceased Andrew Bagby. It starts with Andrew’s murder by his ex-girlfriend, Shirley Turner. However, what is more depressing is the abuse of his one-year-old baby, Zachary. This movie is a letter to Andrew’s son to acknowledge his father’s life. It is truly a sorrowful story to take in.

6. The Notebook (2004)

The Notebook.
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.


Moving on to the good side of sad movies that everyone needs to watch, this romantic drama is a classic. Young Noah Calhoun falls head over heels for pretty girl Allie in the 1940s. Sadly, societal pressures and Naoh’s lower class status push Allie further. Hence, Noah turns his back to earn a name in this burning love play.

7. Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

Image Credit: Walden Media.


This is a highly recommended movie if you’re ready for tears. Two fifth graders, Leslie (Anna Robb) and Jesse, played by Josh Hutcherson, become friends who imagine a magical land, Terabithia. They venture and play in this dreamland to forget their problems. However, childhoods never stay golden forever, and a harrowing accident sets the two apart.

8. Beautiful Boy (2018)

Beautiful Boy.
Image Credit: Francois Duhamel/Amazon Studios.


Beautiful Boy is an intense drama that focuses on a father-son relationship. Imagine a devoted father, David Sheff (Steve Carell), who decides to remarry. Even though he loves his son Nic very much, the boy falls into an addiction during his teens. Flashbacks are shown as his habit worsens when David tries to save Nic from harm.

9. The Book Thief (2013)

The Book Thief.
Image Credit:
Fox 2000 Pictures.


Another wartime tragedy features an orphan communist girl who gets adopted by an old German couple. While the mother is an ill-tempered woman, the father, Hans, is a sweetheart. Slowly their family becomes one, but the impending danger from Nazi groups wreaks havoc on their lives.

10. The Bridges of Madison County (1991)

The Bridges of Madison County.
Image Credit: Warner Bros.


Starring hero Clint Eastwood and heroine Meryl Streep, Francesca is a devoted wife whose husband is on a trip. When a photographer approaches her to take pictures of their country home bridge, she falls into a love dilemma. The audience watches as their swooning attachment faces the challenge of reuniting with one’s true love.

11. Blue Valentine (2010)

Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine (2010).
Image Credit: Incentive Filmed Entertainment.


Cindy and Dean are an average couple living in a mediocre neighborhood. Their household seems intact, but the viewers soon notice the first cracks. Violent arguments arise as they try to protect their daughter in their crumbling relationship. A look into their tarnished pasts highlights their current issues in Blue Valentine.

12. Atonement (2007)

Image Credit: Working Title Films.


This cinematic masterpiece by Joe Wright will leave you sad for days. All we can tell to avoid spoilers is that a slight miscommunication destroys the lives of young Cecily (Keira Knightley) and Robbie (James Mac Avoy). Agony and jealousy separate them as the war begins, and the plot teases what could have been their lives devoid of tragedy.

13. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Million Dollar Baby.
Image Credit: Warner Bros.


A guaranteed tearjerker, this cinema piece is directed by Clint Eastwood. Maggie is a courageous boxer who agrees to let the controlling and obsessive coach, Freddie, teach her. His hard-headed lessons are of little help as Maggie fails to defend herself in the ring. The end is a horrible realization of guilt that Freddie must face.

14. A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

A Dog's Purpose.
Image Credit: Dreamworks Pictures.


Who doesn’t love a good dog movie? Josh Gad voices the adorable golden retriever who had four owners in his lifetime. Each lifetime is spent being his happiest, but one boy in general, Ethan (Bryce Gheisar), stays in his heart the longest. His touching journey back to Ethan is bound to make anyone teary-eyed.

15. Forrest Gump (1994)

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.


Forrest Gump is an award-winning emotional romance. Tom Hanks plays the paralyzed protagonist with a low IQ named Forest. On top of that, his jovial personality is suddenly met with the realization that he must forget his childhood sweetheart, Jenny. This is it if you want to watch a sad film paired with incredible acting.

16. The Color Purple (1985)

Image Credit: Warner Bros.


Directed by Steven Speilberg, the gut-wrenching drama follows the story of an African-American girl in a brutal marriage. Celie (Whoopie Goldberg) is an uneducated 14-year-old previously assaulted by her cruel father. When her hand is promised to another abusive man in marriage, she experiences even more dreadful punishments. Watch if you have the heart to witness this misery.

17. My Sister’s Keeper (2009)

My Sister's Keeper.
Image Credit: Curmudgeon Films.


No story gets more unusually gloomy than this one. The unique plot shows a little girl named Anna who has undergone multiple surgeries to aid the deploring health of an elder sister. Things go too far when the parents ask Anna to donate another organ, who ends up suing. It’s a beautiful yet gripping narrative on family boundaries and morals.

18. Lost in Translation (2003)

Lost In Translation.
Image Credit:
Focus Features.

The scene is set in Tokyo, where Bob (Bill Murray) is a busy actor brought in to shoot his ad. He stumbles upon Scarlett Johansson in the city, playing Charlotte, whose photographer husband left. It may not require a box of tissues, but something about the scarce interactions between the actors and how lonely their lives are portrayed enough to make you feel gloomy.

19. Me Before You (2016)

Me Before You.
Image Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).

Louisa Clark, the ever-bubbly girl Emilia Clarke portrays, stars in this unexpectedly emotional rom-com. Her dreams of fashion school are stopped when she starts working as a caretaker for Will, a posh rich boy who became paralyzed after an accident. Despite their lovely chemistry, all endings are not so magical; both want to choose a different path. Look out for a worth-it sad twist.

20. Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

Everything Everywhere All at Once.
Image Credit: A24.


Who knew sci-fi movies would have us bawling? A Chinese immigrant, Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh), seeks to defeat her alter ego, an alter ego born from her mother’s anger. The audience hops on this emotion-packed journey with Evelyn into different multiverses to win. It is noteworthy that family values and the importance of life are the central themes in this last movie.

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