The 13 Netflix Originals You Need to Watch ASAP

Netflix’s repertoire of original shows boasts an impressive lineup of top-notch shows. So, the next time you log into your Netflix account and need a captivating series, look no further than these amazing original shows you can watch right now.

Best Netflix Original Series of All Time

Tom Sturridge as Dream in episode 101 of The Sandman
Image Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix.

A Reddit user once posed the question,”What’s your best Netflix original series of all time?” The responses poured in, forming an exceptional list of shows that are perfect additions to your watchlist or binge-worthy choices for your immediate entertainment pleasure.

The OA

Brit Marling in The OA
Image Credit: JoJo Whilden/Netflix.

“The OA was fantastic” said one person. Another added, “and so underappreciated. At first I thought I would not like it, but got into it quickly, and by the end of S2 I was blown away.”

Synopsis: Prairie Johnson, an adopted young woman, resurfaces after having been missing for seven years.

The Umbrella Academy

Cameron Brodeur, Aidan Gallagher, Blake Talabis, Dante Albidone, Eden Cupid, Ethan Hwang, Colm Feore in The Umbrella Academy
Image Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

“Klaus and Five are such fun,” commented one person.

Synopsis: 43 women around the world give birth simultaneously at noon on October 1, 1989, although none had shown any sign of pregnancy until labor began. Seven of the children are adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves and turned into a superhero team that he calls “The Umbrella Academy.”


Image Credit: Netflix.

“Castlevania is a phenomenal show,” responded one person,  “a bit slow at times but when there is action, it more than makes up for it. Literally PERFECT casting of Graham McTavish as Dracula.”

Synopsis: Wallachia collapses into chaos as factions clash: some attempting to take control, others attempting to bring Dracula back from the dead. Nobody is who they seem, and nobody can be trusted. These are the end times.


Ryu Seung-ryong in The Kingdom
Image Credit: Juhan Noh/Netflix.

One person said this show is “the reason I got Netflix in the first place. Just really worried we’re never getting season 3.”

Synopsis: In a kingdom defeated by corruption and famine, a mysterious rumor of the king’s death spreads, as does a strange plague that renders the infected immune to death and hungry for flesh.

Stranger Things

(L to R) Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Noah Schnapp as Will Byers, Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler, Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers, and Eduardo Franco as Argyle in STRANGER THINGS
Image Credit: Netflix.

One of the most popular shows ever made the list, “I don’t watch much Netflix but I gotta say Stranger Things.”

Synopsis: Stranger Things is set in the fictional rural town of Hawkins, Indiana, during the 1980s. The nearby Hawkins National Laboratory secretly does experiments into the paranormal and supernatural, including those that involve human test subjects.

Sex Education

Emma Mackey, Asa Butterfield in Sex Education Season 1
Image Credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix.

“Surprised not many people have mentioned Sex Ed yet,” said someone,  “I watched it when Ncuti Gatwa was announced as the Fifteenth Doctor, and I fell in love with it.”

Synopsis: Sex Education is about Otis Milburn, a socially awkward high school student who lives with his sex therapist mother, Jean.

The Crown

Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown
Image Credit: Sophie Mutevelian / Netflix.

About one of Netflix’s biggest shows, someone said, “Mark Lithgow is an epic Winston Churchill.”

Synopsis: The series follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her ascension to the throne until more modern times.


Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton in episode 205 of Bridgerton

This one is my own addition because I absolutely love this show and everything about it.

Synopsis: Bridgerton is a romantic, scandalous, and quick-witted series that celebrates the timelessness of enduring friendships, families finding their way, and the search for a love that conquers all.

She-ra and the Princesses of Power

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - Production Still Image
Image Credit: Netflix.

“I loved that show so much” said one person,  “Its really a tie between she-ra, seven deadly sins, and dragons riders: race to the edge. She-ra was perfect the way it was. And so were the other two. But she-ra was sooo good it made me so emotional idk if I could watch it again and not cry. Out of the three she-ra is the one I’ve invested the most extra time learning lore and such about it compared to the other two.”

Synopsis: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is the story of an orphan named Adora (Carrero), who leaves behind her former life in the evil Horde when she discovers a magic sword that transforms her into the mythical warrior princess She-Ra.

Dead to Me

Dead To Me
Image Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix.

“By far, and one of my favorite shows, “Dead To Me”. The performance by Christina Applegate is fantastic and Linda Cardellini plays a great supporting role,” said one Redditor.

Synopsis: A dark comedy about a powerful friendship that blossoms between a tightly wound widow and a free spirit with a shocking secret.

The Sandman

Tom Sturridge as Dream in episode 101 of The Sandman
Image Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix.

“Absolutely amazing”, said one Redditor.

Synopsis: When the Sandman, aka Dream, the powerful cosmic being who controls all our dreams — is unexpectedly captured and held prisoner for over a century, he must journey across different worlds and timelines to fix the chaos his absence has caused.

Squid Game

Squid Game S1
Image Credit: Noh Juhan | Netflix.

One person was disappointed that Squid Game wasn’t mentioned more, “Not sure why I’m having to scroll to see Squid Game getting the credit it deserves?? Big show.”

Synopsis: 456 desperate contestants compete with each other in a mysterious and deadly survival game involving multiple rounds of childhood games to win 45.6 billion won prize money that can pull them out of their misery.

Shadow and Bone

Ben Barnes as General Kirigan in episode 203 of Shadow and Bone

“I’m biased by Shadow and Bone,” admitted one Redditor, “Just because I loved the books, but I think the production was on point. Casting, art, photography, script was great.”

Synopsis: Based on Leigh Bardugo’s worldwide bestselling Grishaverse novels, this is a story of new friendships, new romance, bigger battles, epic adventures — and a shocking family secret that could shatter everything.

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