12 TV Shows That Managed To Be Consistently Fantastic From Start to End

TV shows capture our hearts but it’s not often they manage to stay consistently good throughout the series. Some start strong then turn formulaic, others hype us up only to end with a disappointing series finale. These shows don’t do either of those things; here’s a list of great TV shows that managed to be consistently fantastic from the first episode to the finale.


We took to the internet to find the most popular answers to this question and definitely weren’t let down by the answers. If you’re thinking about checking out a new series or looking for the perfect show to binge watch this is it!


If you haven’t heard of “Spaced” no one can fault you, especially if you live in North America. Released in 1999 and written by/starring Simon Pegg, it tells the hilarious story of a newly met aspiring writer and comic book artist posing as a professional couple to afford a flat together. Silly and satirical, fans of Simon Pegg’s movies are going to love this absolutely perfect series.

Better off Ted

Better Off Ted comes up so often when anyone talks about great TV shows, and for good reason. Part satire, part science fiction, Better Off Ted takes the oh too relatable subject of hating your job to the next level.

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Even if you didn’t grow up watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood it’s easy to see why this show was consistently perfect. Tune into any episode and it will always hit home, no matter how old you are.

“And is truly timeless. My godson is 5 years old and absolutely LOVES Mister Rogers.” one commenter said of the show.

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers was released as a miniseries so there wasn’t any chance for it to grow stale. Based off the book of the same name, it tells the true story of a US army airborne parachute infantry regiment. If you’re not familiar with this WWII story Band of Brothers is definitely worth checking out on HBO’s streaming service.

If you’re still not convinced, maybe this fan comment will sway you: “The opening scene of the second episode is one of the most terrifying things a human could ever experience.”


Another HBO mini series based off true events, Chernobyl took the world by storm when it came out in 2019. It doesn’t just tell the story of what happened during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, but also follows the politics and cover ups that led to further disaster.

“Perfect television” one commenter said of this show. Another added, “Not a single second of that show wasn’t beautifully haunting”. I agree with both!

Over the Garden Wall

A surreal mini series from 2014, Over the Garden Wall starred Elijah Wood as one of two brothers on a fantastical adventure across a mysterious forest. It’s cute for kids, yes, but also hits home with adults thanks to its compelling narration and dark themes.

“Over the Garden Wall is the closest thing to a masterpiece I’ve ever seen.” a fan gushed over the show.

Gravity Falls

Another kids show that adults will enjoy, Gravity Falls hits the same vibes as other ‘popular with grown ups’ animated kids’ shows like Adventure Time and Steven Universe.

A comment on Reddit described it best, “It so perfectly captured that melancholic aspect of every coming-of-age story. The show made me nostalgic for a preteen summer in the Pacific northwest that I never even had.”

Malcolm in the Middle

The entire cast of Malcolm in the Middle was fanatic and this hilarious sitcom still holds up, even now. Despite running for 7 seasons almost every episode of Malcolm in the Middle was a banger, from the first right up until the (very fitting) series finale.

“I think Malcolm in the Middle is a masterpiece.” some said, raving about the show. Another replied in agreement, adding “The only series finale that I think exceeded most of their episodes.”

Fawlty Towers

Another perfect British TV comedy, Fawlty Towers was the short lived masterpiece created by John Cleese and wife (at the time) Connie Booth back in the mid 70s. It tells the story of  a hotel manager that absolutely hates his job.

How perfect is it from start to finish? Here’s what one commentator said: “One thing about British tv in that they know when to end it. Even if a show is popular.”


One of the many Netflix shows that didn’t continue as long as fans wanted, Mindhunter was absolutely amazing for the 2 seasons it ran. What made the show so good is also what’s rumored to have gotten it cancelled; it became too much effort to make the meticulously researched episodes. If you’re a fan of True Crime definitely check this one out.

Breaking Bad

Two Bryan Cranston shows on one list! Breaking Bad is one of those series that kept fans going throughout, even if it felt a little slow at times in the middle. And oh boy, that ending. I’m definitely in agreement with other fans here: Breaking Bad is a perfect show.

The Good Place

This one might be controversial, mostly because so many people quit this show before it showed its hand. As someone who adored the Good Place, I can personally vouch that this one is consistently fantastic from the first episode to the finale. Best of all, they knew when to end it so it didn’t drag on.


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