20 TV Shows Where the Acting Was So Bad It Made Us Cringe

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Alright, let’s spill the tea on those TV shows that make us cringe, not because of the plot twists or the cliffhangers, but because of the acting that’s just a wreck. We’ve all been there, glued to the screen, wondering if the actors even knew what they were doing.

Someone asked, “What TV show in your opinion had the worst acting you’ve seen?” Here are some of the top responses!

1. Secret Life Of American Teenager

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008).
Image Credit:

A Reddit user commented, “Mine’s Secret Life of American Teenager. This is my favourite cringe watch because it’s just so bad”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Secret Life was like a train wreck. It’s an awful sight, yet I somehow couldn’t bring myself to stop watching until it was finally over”

The characters look like they’re perpetually confused, and don’t even get us started on the dialogue.

2. Glee

Image Credit: Fox.

One said, “The acting on “Glee” is so over the top, but kind of fits the vibe of the show.”

Someone commented, “It’s funny bc I think Glee doesn’t work at all without the cast and their chemistry. By season 3, the writing was pretty trash but I think the cast did the best they could. You can tell bc once most of the original cast leaves, it’s never the same. The newbies were just pale imitations.”

High school isn’t just a stage for impromptu song and dance, last time we checked.

3. Riverdale

Image Credit: The CW.

A Reddit user wrote, “Riverdale. Third season is when it goes completely off the rails and never recovers”

Another replied, “The writing is a sin against God and the Devil, but some of the actors in some scenes are just horrific. Betty’s actress is a big one for me- I like Lili Reinhart, but the way she bulges/bugs her eyes out whenever something serious happens irks me to no end. It’s like she’s trying to act shocked but going way over the top.”

And what’s with the constantly brooding faces? Did someone steal all the joy in Riverdale?

4. Once Upon A Time

Gabe Khouth, Jennifer Morrison, Keegan Connor Tracy, Jared Gilmore, and Jeffrey Kaiser in Once Upon a Time (2011)
Image Credit: ABC.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Once Upon a Time. I was a fan for the first couple of seasons but then it got too bad for me.”

Someone else added, “It’s soooo cringey. I watched it (and it’s spin off!) for 8 years and brought the Blu-rays. Help”

The plot twists had more twists than a rollercoaster, and half the time, we couldn’t tell who was related to whom.

5. Pretty Little Liars

Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, and Shay Mitchell in Pretty Little Liars (2010)
Image Credit: ABC Family.

A show that promised mystery, intrigue, and a dash of glamour. But let’s be real, how many secret siblings can one group of friends have?

One Redditor stated, “Pretty Little Liars. Shay Mitchell is gorgeous but that girl canNOT act.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “I used to think she was the best actress… until that last episode with the terrible cringy British accent. Then I was forced to take it back lmao.”

6. The Idol

Lily-Rose DeppHBO The Idol Season 1 - Episode 3.
Image Credit: Eddy Chen/HBO.

A Reddit user wrote, “The Idol. To be honest all the actors in The Idol were good except The Weeknd.. which made him seem even worse”

Another replied, “Even years later, this would still be one of the worst series ever. It’s gonna be so hard to top this one in every aspect. This guy was pulling the series down with his acting alone.”

Was there a casting call for the most monotone actors in existence?

7. Degrassi

Image Credit: Playing With Time.

Oh, high school drama at its finest. Or not.

A Reddit user commented, “Some of the actors were decent but a lot of them were AWFUL. Particularly; Tori, Riley, Leah, Tobey, Connor, Mia, Peter…I could go on”

Someone commented, “Agree. I loved Degrassi but the acting was awful. I did think Lauren Collins, Stacey Farber, Cassie Steele & the dude who played Craig who later starred on Bway were the only standouts.”

8. Only Murders In The Building

Only Murders in the Building.
Image Credit: Hulu.

A Reddit user wrote, “Only Murders in the Building. I’m sorry but I can’t stand Selena’s acting in only murders in the building. I don’t see the hype of the show or her acting. She seems so stiff and speaks in the same monotonous voice”

Another replied, “She is soooo bland. Her character has no personality. She just prances around with these old men in New York even though it looks like Canada.”

“Only Murders in the Building” had so much potential, but the acting? Nope!

9. 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls.
Image Credit: CBS Entertainment.


Now, “2 Broke Girls”; the title should’ve been a warning sign.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “2 Broke Girls. The blonde is such an awful actress.”

Someone else added, “OMG thank you!!! This show just makes me cringe. So, hard. I didn’t understand how ANYONE can think this is funny.”

10. Make It Or Break It

Make It Or Break It.
Image Credit: ABC Family.


One Redditor stated, “Make It or Break it. The acting is anywhere between 10-1000% at all times, the plot makes no sense, the logic – she is not there…and yet I still love it (oh Lauren Tanner you messy messy girl)”

Another replied, “Lauren is such an annoying gal lol. Always ruining lives and then crying and apologizing. Only to turn around and do the same thing.”

Sorry, not sorry, but this show should’ve stuck to somersaults and left the drama on the balance beam.

11. Gossip Girl

Penn Badgley in Gossip Girl (2007).
Image Credit: The CW.

A Reddit user wrote, “Gossip Girl. Blake Lively is a boring actress that didn’t embody what Serena was supposed to be in the books.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “There’s a reason she isn’t an acting star. She can’t act. She’s a movie star persona, a celebrity. She’s not an actress.”

Sure, the clothes were on point, but the delivery of lines? They could have done better!

12. 7th Heaven

7th Heaven
Image Credit: Spelling Television.

Next on the cringe express is “7th Heaven.”

A discerning Reddit user commented, “7th Heaven. There’s this scene that’s soooo hard to find but it’s when some guys try to touch the cheerleaders at a gas station and their counter attack was to do spinning cartwheels toward the guys lmaoo its hard to explain but it was like wth and so cringe.”

Someone else added, “I was a teenager and I couldn’t get past the first season. And I was huge on stanning, but the show was just so bad.”

13. Two And A Half Men

Ashton Kutcher in Two and a Half Men (2003).
Image Credit: CBS Entertainment.

Charlie Sheen may have had tiger blood, but the acting? More like kitten purrs. One Redditor stated, “Two and a Half Men. Show got really weird when the kid left because he become too Christian.”

Another replied, “Honestly this show is what it set out to be – a cheesy, appropriate level of inappropriate for cable TV, sitcom starring Charlie Sheen.”

Charlie Sheen may have had tiger blood, but the acting? More like kitten purrs.

14. Emily In Paris

Emily in Paris. Lily Collins as Emily in episode 310 of Emily in Paris.

Enter “Emily in Paris.” Oh la la, or should we say oh no no?

A Reddit user wrote, “Emily in Paris. Except for some saving graces, this show has some really bad acting or maybe it’s supposed to be that way.”

Someone commented, “Is she meant to be such an awful person, or are we meant to consider her the hero? I know it’s the 21st century so we don’t have to assume the protagonist is perfect, but she’s so far from perfect as to be completely unrelatable. She’s just awful.”

15. Supernatural

Image Credit: The CW.

A Reddit user commented, “Ruby from supernatural, Jared’s wife in real life. Couldn’t stand her horrible acting.”

Someone else added, “Her line delivery was awful Jared could barely act his way out of a paper bag in the early seasons, especially during emotional scenes. He got a little better as the seasons went on but not by much.”

The Winchester brothers may have been hunting demons, but the real demons were the cringe-worthy moments.

16. Modern Family

Modern Family
Image Credit: ABC.

Modern Family is beloved by many, but let’s be real – the acting wasn’t always a slam dunk.

A Reddit user wrote, “I feel like the kids in Modern Family when they’re adults aren’t great, except for Sarah Hyland. It could also be the scripts but the actors for Lily, Manny, and Haley’s husband particularly are all really flat.”

Another replied, “Some of the lines given to Lily & Joe were way too mature for their age. Ain’t no way any kids are saying some of those things to adults.”

17. Supergirl

Image Credit: The CW.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Supergirl is awful. I tried to get into it, and some start off okay. But usually after half a dozen episodes I just can’t stand them anymore.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Yeah definitely agree with that, I’ve always found it pretty unwatchable tbh.”

And the superhero stunts? Well, let’s just say they were more “super meh” than “super wow.”

18. Manifest

MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Sydney Morton as Alex Bates and Parveen Kaur as Saanvhi Bahl in Manifest Season 04.
Image Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.


“Manifest” – the show that made you question if your plane disappeared, would you really want to come back?

One Redditor stated, “Manifest. A fantastic dumpster fire of a show in all aspects, including the terrible acting”

Someone else added, “This is the show I was scrolling to find. Truly terrible, which is too bad, because I think the premise of the show was really interesting.”

19. Gilmore Girls

(Left to Right) Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson in GILMORE GIRLS
Image Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix.


A Reddit user wrote, “I’m gonna get annihilated for this but Gilmore Girls. It always seemed like they were just speed-reciting their lines. The dialogue was so fast.”

Another replied, “I think Gilmore Girls is the worst-acted popular show I’ve seen outside of low-hanging fruit like Disney channel stuff.”

Plus, did they hire a choir for the background music and the emotional scenes?

20. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf.
Image Credit: The CW.


A discerning Reddit user commented, “Teen wolf. Surprised no one mentioned Teen Wolf here yet…..”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Yes. Teen Wolf was so bad that I couldn’t even make it past a couple of episodes of S2. I don’t even remember much if what happened in that show anymore.”

Do you think that the actors did a bad job on this one or was it just the show itself?

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