9 TV Shows You Won’t Stop Watching This March

Need something new to binge-watch? With so many options, it can be tough to find the perfect series to start a new streaming addiction.


If you’re looking for the perfect new series, here are some of my top picks for shows you won’t be able to stop watching.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Amazon Prime)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2024).
Image Credit: David Lee/Prime Video.

Inspired by the movie of the same name, this action-packed series documents two government agents who are partnered together in work and in marriage.


Directed by a mysterious individual whom they never meet IRL, the couple has various assignments and assassinations they are directed to complete with all kinds of complications included.

Donald Glover is always swoon-worthy and is definitely as charming as ever as a secret agent leading an intriguing clandestine life with his assigned partner/wife. Also worthy of a crush is the couple’s NYC townhome which is beyond amazing to the point of obsessing the neighbor.


Celebrity cameos make this show even more fun and the twists and turns of this top-secret lifestyle will keep you guessing. I’m impatiently waiting for the next season and will binge this again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.


Reacher (Amazon Prime)

Image Credit: Amazon Studios.

Inspired by the best-selling book series of the same name, this popular action drama recently launched season 2 with big success.


Loner Jack Reacher lives an independent lifestyle as a former military member. His travels bring him into intrigue and issues where his particular skill sets and friends are particularly useful.


The romance scenes in Reacher are definitely hot and the lead Alan Ritchson’s physique definitely works for both beating up bad guys and romancing the ladies.


Some of the technicalities of the show are totally glossed over like plot holes and total disregard for killing people, but the talented cast, action-filled scenes, and humor keep fans coming back for more.


Shameless (Netflix)

William H. Macy and Christian Isaiah in Adios Gringos (2019).
Image Credit: Showtime.


While a bit older than some of the entries on this list, if you haven’t binged this family drama, you’ll want to add it to your watch list ASAP.


No matter how much of a trainwreck that your own family may be, this large Chicago family is worse. A talented cast led by award-nominated William H. Macy takes watchers through the ups and (almost always) downs of a lower-class southside Chicago family.


Shameless does contain lots of nudity, adult situations, extreme alcohol and drug use, and other things the little ones shouldn’t see. It’s definitely one to watch at night after the kids are in bed.


Every episode of Shameless is crazier than the last and you’ll want to watch all 134 episodes to make sure you don’t miss a thing.


The Bear (Hulu)

The Bear,
Image Credit: Courtesy of FX.


Talented Shameless alumni Jeremy Allen White takes the lead in another Chicago-based drama that has been sweeping the awards season by storm.


As a star chef who returns home to save his family’s struggling sandwich shop, the series cooks up lots of drama and humor.


I’ve just begun streaming this hit series and am already hooked. I’m currently avoiding spoilers and can’t wait to see what happens. Two seasons are available to stream now with season 3 coming soon.


Gen V (Amazon Prime)

Asa Germann and Erin Moriarty in Gen V (2023).
Image Credit: Amazon Studios.


Superheroes have never been the same since The Boys and this imaginative spinoff series takes super to a whole new level. Powerful teens go to college where hormones, stress, and peer pressure bring these gifted individuals into a crazy world that they never imagined.

I admit that I almost did not give this one a try. While I love the original series, I’ve always felt it needed more. This spinoff season provides what the main show was lacking and left my jaw dropping at every episode.


Every episode of Gen V is more shocking and outrageous than the last, and I love that there is no way to predict what craziness is going to come next.


If you haven’t watched The Boys yet, be sure to binge that first for the background, and then sit back and enjoy each delicious episode of outrageousness that this junior series has to offer.


Gen V does have considerably racy content and I would definitely recommend it for grown-ups only.


Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Apple TV)

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.
Image Credit: Apple TV.


As a boy mom, I got roped into this series by my teenage son, however, once I got started, I couldn’t get enough.


Set in the universe where Kong, Godzilla, and other giant creatures exist, the series tells an extraordinary tale of where these creatures come from and the talented teams trying to learn more about them.


While the story takes a bit to set up and you do need to follow closely to understand the back story and flashbacks, the intrigue and characters make this series a must for sc science fiction fans and anyone who loves these monster movies.


Evil (Paramount Plus)

Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir in Evil episode 6, season 3 streaming on Paramount+, 2022.
Image Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+.


Probably the most unique and strange series that I’ve watched since X Files went off the air, Evil is the next best thing for those of us who love the paranormal and the things that go bump in the night.


A talented cast pulls off extreme adventures and plotlines and you’ll get everything from humor to adventure to romance in every episode. While I do have concerns that the leading character (almost) never watches her kids and that their grandma is up to some devious tasks, you’ll have to stream each season to set your own opinion.


The Cleaning Lady (FX)

The Cleaning Lady.
Image Credit: Fox.


Coming to America for a better life and medical care for her seriously ill son, an immigrant’s life takes some serious twists and turns as she becomes a cleaning lady for a local crime syndicate.


With intense plot twists and emotions, this action drama also touches on the tender side of what parents do for their children and the challenges that those in the United States without documentation can face.


Season 2 left things on a cliffhanger for the leading lady and viewers will have to see what comes next with the third and final season coming soon.


Twisted Metal (Peacock)

Twisted Metal.
Image Credit: Peacock TV.


I love a good apocalypse show to make me feel better about my own world and this crazy on-the-road series does not disappoint.


Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz are the on-screen pair we never knew we needed. They hit the road as an involuntary duo on an intense special mission that also reveals that some things are not always what they seem.


Based on the video game with the same name, gamer fans will notice lots of fun Easter eggs. Even if you’ve never played though, the series is deliciously fun and Gen X’ers will love the many references.


Season 1 is available to stream and the series has been renewed for season 2, but no ETA has been announced yet.


Streaming TV has opened the door to so many entertaining possibilities. These are just a few of the shows I can’t stop watching right now. Watch for more must watch entertainment coming soon.

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