The 12 Best Sports Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

Kelsey Waddell

As sports fans and cinema lovers, we love to watch our favorite athletes and teams compete, but we also can’t resist the storytelling and drama of an incredible movie. That’s where sports documentaries come in. But with so many options available, choosing the right one isn’t as easy as flipping the channel to tonight’s ballgame!


Netflix has a wide range of sports documentaries that cover everything from basketball to Formula One racing, and we’ve highlighted the 12 top options. From gripping exposés of sports scandals to heartwarming underdog stories, you won’t want to miss these films.

The Last Dance

Michael Jordan in The Last Dance (2020).
Image Credit: Netflix.


“The Last Dance” is a thrilling and captivating sports documentary that takes you on an unforgettable journey through the Chicago Bulls dynasty in the 1990s. With a focus on the legendary Michael Jordan, this 10-part series offers a unique glimpse into the lives of some of the most iconic basketball players of all time.


Featuring exclusive interviews with Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and other key players, as well as never-before-seen footage from the Bulls’ championship runs, “The Last Dance” is a must-see for any sports fan.

Formula One: Drive To Survive


Buckle up for a thrilling ride through the world of Formula One racing with “Formula One: Drive To Survive,” an exciting and immersive sports documentary series. Through exclusive interviews with drivers, team owners, and other key figures in the sport, this series offers a unique and intimate look at the high-stakes world of Formula One racing.


From the intense rivalries and heated competition to the cutting-edge technology and engineering that powers these incredible machines, “Formula One: Drive To Survive” is a must-watch- in fact, this series races to the top of the pack as one of the best documentaries of all time.

Athlete A

“Athlete A” is a powerful and emotional documentary that sheds light on the shocking sexual abuse scandal in USA Gymnastics. The film takes an in-depth look at the case of Larry Nassar and the devastating impact his actions had on the lives of countless young gymnasts.


Through the lens of the Indianapolis Star’s investigation, “Athlete A” offers a gripping and heart-wrenching account of the survivors who bravely spoke out against Nassar and the broken system that allowed his abuse to go unchecked for so long.

Last Chance U: Basketball

Exciting and inspiring, “Last Chance U: Basketball” follows the journey of the East Los Angeles College basketball team as they strive to win a state championship. This spin-off of the popular “Last Chance U” series brings the same intensity and drama to the world of junior college basketball, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of these talented young athletes.


With a focus on team dynamics and individual stories, “Last Chance U: Basketball” offers a unique perspective on the world of college sports and the incredible dedication and perseverance required to succeed.


“Undefeated” is not just a story about football – it’s also a testament to the transformative power of coaching and mentorship This documentary is a heartwarming and inspiring journey through the highs and lows of the Manassas Tigers, a high school football team in Memphis, Tennessee.


As the team navigates the challenges of their lives, their coach serves as a guiding force, inspiring them to believe in themselves and each other. With stunning cinematography and a powerful soundtrack, “Undefeated” is a must-see for anyone who loves sports, storytelling, and the triumph of the human spirit.

Team Foxcatcher

True crime fans, don’t sleep on “Team Foxcatcher,” a gripping and haunting documentary that delves into the life and legacy of John du Pont, the eccentric millionaire who sponsored a wrestling team in the 1980s and 1990s.


Through interviews with members of the team and never-before-seen footage, the film offers a chilling and intimate portrait of du Pont’s descent into madness and the tragic events that followed. With its powerful storytelling and expertly crafted narrative, “Team Foxcatcher” is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of sports and true crime.


“Cheer” is a thrilling and emotional docuseries that takes you behind the scenes of the Navarro College cheerleading team’s journey to the national championships. Through stunning cinematography and intimate interviews, this series offers a powerful and unflinching look at the physical and emotional toll that cheerleading takes on these young athletes.


From grueling practices to intense competition, “Cheer” showcases the incredible dedication and passion required to be a top-level cheerleader and the bonds that form between teammates in pursuit of a common goal.

Rising Phoenix

Explore the incredible world of the Paralympic Games with ‘Rising Phoenix,’ a captivating and inspiring sports documentary. Through intimate interviews with Paralympians from around the world and stunning footage of their athletic feats, this film offers a powerful and moving portrait of the challenges and triumphs of these remarkable athletes.


From overcoming adversity to breaking down barriers, ‘Rising Phoenix’ is a testament to the resilience and determination of the human spirit and a must-watch for anyone who loves sports and human stories.


Experience the thrill of the game like never before with “Untold,” a gripping and dynamic sports documentary series that covers a range of fascinating topics. From the infamous “Malice at the Palace” to the rise and fall of the Danbury Trashers hockey team, each episode offers a unique and intimate look at the world of sports, featuring exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.


With its expert storytelling and stunning visuals, “Untold” is a must-watch for any sports fan looking for an exciting and immersive viewing experience.


Get ready to experience the magic of Brazilian soccer legend Pele with this captivating and inspiring sports documentary.


Through exclusive interviews with Pele and other soccer greats, as well as stunning archival footage of some of his most memorable moments on the field, this film offers a thrilling and intimate portrait of one of the greatest athletes of all time.


“Pele” is a must-watch for anyone interested in the history and legacy of the beautiful game.


“Icarus” is an award-winning sports documentary that takes you on a journey through the world of performance-enhancing drugs in sports. Through the lens of amateur cyclist Bryan Fogel’s quest to beat the system by doping, this film offers a powerful and unflinching look at the lengths that athletes will go to in order to win.



But “Icarus” is not just a story about one man’s journey – it’s also a shocking exposé of a massive scandal involving Russian athletes and state-sponsored doping. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2018, “Icarus” is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of sports and politics.

The Redeem Team

“The Redeem Team” is a thrilling and inspiring sports documentary that takes you behind the scenes of the 2008 USA Men’s Basketball team’s journey to Olympic gold. Through exclusive interviews with players like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, as well as never-before-seen footage of their incredible feats on the court, this film offers a powerful and moving portrait of one of the greatest basketball teams of all time.


Whether you’re a die-hard basketball fan or simply love a good underdog story, “The Redeem Team” is a must-watch for anyone interested in the history and legacy of the sport.


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