Laugh-Out-Loud Legends: 21 Comedy Movies That Score A Perfect 10/10

Comedy is a very versatile genre of movies appealing to many people. But despite the versatility, getting the jokes right can be tricky because if not delivered correctly, they can quickly cringe. So, when life gets a little harsh, and you’re looking for some laughs, why not tune into the 10/10 comedy movies to lighten the mood?

1. Shaun of the Dead (2004)


Some say British humor is difficult to understand, but Shaun of the Dead is a perfect example of why the Brits stand out in the comedy genre. The poise with which this movie incorporates horror with comedy is top-class, and viewers claim that despite watching it more than 25 times, they always find something new to laugh about. It hits the mark every time!

2. Hot Fuzz (2007)

Hot Fuzz.
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.


Another witty, British humor example, Hot Fuzz, is your perfectly exaggerated action movie. Fans claim this movie has the perfect script, and no line was wasted; each line was meant to pack a hilarious punch, and it delivered! Being a sequel to Shaun the Dead, this movie ticked all expectations.

3. Office Space (1999)

Office Space.
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.


Do not get offended, but Office Space is about all the corporate and cubicle warriors. The movie is about a man named Peter who is highly fed up with his job and decides to stop caring. But instead of resigning, he chooses to be carefree and indifferent to the point of annoyance. The chaos that ensues is pure comedic brilliance! Corporate employees live vicariously through the life of Peter Gibbons.

4. Tropic Thunder (2008)

Tropic Thunder.
Image Credit: Dreamworks.


This star-studded film starring Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. takes a satirical route to show the behind-the-scenes absurdity of Hollywood as pampered film stars find themselves in the middle of an actual war. Of course, the movie plays with what people think superstars are like; viewers loved the dig and laughed uncontrollably.

5. Airplane! (1980)

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.


Airplane! It is a whirlwind of absurd events occurring all together, one after the other. This movie ranks very high on the comedy golds scale. The entire story is so ridiculous. As a couple tries to reunite on a plane, the whole crew accidentally gets food poisoning. What ensues later is just a bunch of dad jokes and a different kind of turbulence (if you know what I mean!). 

6. Young Frankenstein (1974)

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.


Young Frankenstein is an old-school comedy that relies on slap-stick humor that unleashes the audience’s laughter. Mix that with witty wordplay and an extraordinary but perfect touch of horror; this movie will make you laugh till the end. And the jokes are so on point, according to multiple fans, you will remember them even years later.

7. Blazing Saddles (1974)

Image Credit: Warner Bros.


Starring the comedic genius Mel Brooks, Blazing Saddles is a story based on the Wild, Wild West, but of course, with a comedic point-of-view. Prepare yourself to roll on the floor laughing because this story is set in the Wild West, with a black sheriff and a very offensive white majority population. The one-liners are on point as the characters break the fourth wall entirely, leaving you laughing.

8. Superbad (2007)

Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.


A comedy movie starring Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen is pure comedic genius. This film will take you back to your awkward teenage adventures as Seth and Evan go on a mission to acquire alcohol for a party, armed with fake IDs that are totally unconvincing. As all teenage movies go, viewers say Superbad may be cringeworthy to watch sometimes. Still, it’ll surely give you a laugh whenever you watch it.

9. Tommy Boy (1995)

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.


Tommy Boy is a classic, old-school, ridiculous, and heartwarming comedy. The story takes the viewers on a road trip of humor that will surely make you laugh, cringe, and shed some tears. The script is perfect, and fans say the one-liners work in real life, too, if you want to impress someone! So buckle up for goofyness and be ready to bust out some LOLs.

10. Super Troopers (2001)

Super Troopers.
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.


According to popular opinion, Super Troopers is a movie that deserves a 10/10, perfect rating. Because as far as the comedy genre goes, comedies involving cops are the best cliches. So follow along with these absurd cops as they get up to weird adventures during their routine traffic stops. From start to finish, enjoy each minute full of gags! There is not a single dull moment in this movie.

11. The Other Guys (2010)

Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.


Starring some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Will Ferrell, Samuel L. Jackson, and Mark Wahlberg, this movie is packed full of gags from the beginning till the end. The film takes a dig at action movie stereotypes with a cop duo who are absolutely not heroes but very mediocre jocks. The humor is sharp and unexpected, and you will surely be thinking about it daily (that’s what the fans say, at least!)

12. Dumb And Dumber (1994)

Dumb and Dumber.
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.


Fans claim that it is absolutely criminal to rank this movie so low because how dare anyone disregard a comedy movie that includes the brilliant Jim Carrey? Carrey does what he does best, and that makes everyone question the character’s stupidity. Still, viewers cannot help falling in love with this stupid idiot. Albeit dumb, this is a perfect 10/10 movie for a light-hearted evening. 

13. Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993)

Image Credit: Brooksfilms.


 Another comedic masterpiece starring the master of satirical comedy, Mel Brooks. Other than the main storyline, you will realize that the entire movie is a jab at a movie called Prince of Thieves! With over-the-top and purposefully bad English accents, the humor is sharp and precisely on point. All aspects just hit the bullseye!

14. The Naked Gun (1988)

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.


There is something special about old-school comedy movies that always hits the mark. The Naked Gun is one of those masterpieces that is ridiculous but hilarious at the same time. The actors and their commitment to the role are flawless, and you will laugh uncontrollably. It is incredible how, with a proper plot, you will want to rewatch this movie occasionally.

15. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

Image Credit: Warner Bros.


Everyone loves and enjoys a good comedy movie during the holiday season. And this is a perfect contender to merry up your day! Find yourself relating to the holiday chaos of family gatherings that gradually descends into a comedic disaster. With an ideal Christmas comes ridiculous mishaps, flights, and peels of laughter. Watch this movie become your favorite this holiday season!

16. The Big Lebowski (1998)

Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski (1998).
Image Credit: Gramercy Pictures.


Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes? If yes, then imagine a highly intoxicated detective! Yes, this movie has a loose plot and even more hilarious characters. You will find yourself quoting the dialogue long after the movie ends. It is just the perfect parody of detective films.

17. Austin Powers (1997)

Image Credit: New Line Cinema.


The first Austin Powers movie emerged in 1997 and immediately became a fan favorite. Now, it is the most loved comedy trilogy of all time. Some say it is the most underrated comedy trilogy. If you have already watched it, be sure to watch it again cause you will have definitely missed some over-the-top humor!

18. This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

Image Credit: Embassy Pictures.


Focusing on how absurd the music industry is, this movie revolves around a British heavy metal band going on an ill-fated tour of the United States. Every scene will have you busting out the laughs, and this may be the only movie with a rating of 11/10, according to most fans!

19. My Cousin Vinny (1992)

My Cousin Vinny.
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.


My Cousin Vinny is not just a comedy movie; it is a legal comedy and is still just as funny as when it first came out. The film is about an attorney fighting the case of two wrongly accused youngsters. The story hits the mark each time, and some scenes are just worth rewatching a million times! It is so good that you won’t know it is a comedy or the most real law movie ever.

20. The Birdcage (1996)

Image Credit: United Artists.


The Birdcage has enormous potential to become your favorite comedy movie ever. Only a few scenes can be considered boring; each scene is packed full of gags. On top of that, the casting is done perfectly. It is so good you won’t be able to pick your favorite scene; everything will have you crying with laughter.

21. Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (2010)

Image Credit: Eden Rock Media.


Last but not least, according to fans and comedy lovers, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is the best horror comedy to ever grace the cinema screens. The movie gives a logical spin to typical horror movie scenarios. It is the perfect reminder that horror is mostly just a misunderstanding. Show this movie to your best friends, who’ll thank you for years!

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