The 13 Netflix Original Series That You Need to Watch Before You Die

Every time they raise their prices and we think about cancelling it seems that Netflix brings out another original series (or new season) that forces us to keep our subscriptions active. But, if you’re already subscribed looking for something new to watch on the platform, we rounded up some fan favorite Netflix original series to check out next.

Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House.
Image Credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix.

This miniseries is one of the best horror series in recent memory and a solid adaptation of the source material. If you enjoyed this one you should probably also check out The Fall of the House of Usher by the same director.


Image Credit: Patrick Harbron/Netflix.

Sadly Mindhunter was cancelled while it was still popular but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out regardless.

The Queen’s Gambit


Arguably one of the best Netflix shows of all time, The Queen’s Gambit quickly took the world by storm when this miniseries came out. Not only is it perfectly paced and entertaining, but the aesthetic is absolutely fantastic too. Great for binge watching!


Image Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.

Travelers was co-produced by Netflix and Canadian channel Showcase. Sadly it’s cancelled, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a fan favorite for people who got into the show. It also has an interesting plot: in a post-apocalyptic future scientists figured out how to send consciousnesses back in time. These travellers have one main goal: to save humanity.

Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman.
Image Credit: Netflix.

A lot of people forget this one was made by Netflix! Funny and dark, Bojack Horseman is great if you prefer irreverent comedies. I find it kind of reminiscent of Adult Swim-style humor.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror.
Image Credit: Arnaldur Halidorsson / Netflix.

Although it was originally a Channel 4 production from the UK, Black Mirror was picked up by Netflix into later seasons – much to the delight of its fans.

If you haven’t seen it, Black Mirror is an anthology style show with each episode being entirely different. They’re usually dark, sometimes haunting, and often filled with social commentary.

Grace and Frankie

Image Credit: Suzanne Tenner/NETFLIX.

I personally love Grace and Frankie so I’m pleased to see other folks adding this to their favorite Netflix original lists too. Starring the iconic Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Grace and Frankie is the story of two (ex) wives of lifelong friends that leave them for each other.



A newcomer to the Netflix original lineup, Beef is a Black comedy about two strangers who, after getting into a road rage incident, end up with a lifelong feud.


Image Credit:
Emmanuel Guimier / NETFLIX.

A retelling of the classic French book of the same name, Lupin is about a jewel thief and master of disguise who manages to pull off some amazing heists from world-famous museums.


Image Credit: Julia Terjung / Netflix.


Netflix has been killing it with weird German shows but Dark is by far one of their strongest originals right now. Two children have gone missing in a small German town and this mystery drama keeps you guessing all the way through as the characters try to bring them home.


Image Credit: Juan Pablo Gutierrez/NETFLIX.

What makes Narcos so good is that it’s closely based on the real-life events of Pablo Escobar’s life. A lot of people forget this one was commissioned by Netflix! It was originally going to be 10 episodes but ended up being so popular that it got renewed for 2 more seasons.

Unlike other shows, Narcos wraps up at the same place Escobar’s life does, so you can enjoy this series without worrying about a cliffhanger at the end.

The Crown

The Crown S4. Picture shows: Prince Charles (JOSH O CONNOR) and Princess Diana (EMMA CORRIN).
Image Credit: Des Willie/Shutterstock.

You don’t have to be a royalist or British to love The Crown. Every time I think about cancelling my Netflix subscription they announce another season of this show. Although they did take some artistic liberties, it does give you a good overall understanding of the history of the late Queen Elizabeth’s life as queen.

Honorable Mention: Bridgerton

Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton in episode 205 of Bridgerton.

OK, this one wasn’t mentioned by Netflix fans but we’re huge fans of Bridgerton over here so we feel like it belongs on this list anyway!

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