12 Shows to Binge Watch This Week

Looking for something new to watch? Here are some of my top picks for shows to binge this week.


The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live (AMC)

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee - The Walking Dead: Dead City _ Season 1.
Image Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC.


Rick and Michonne are back in the latest installment of The Walking Dead universe. Want to make sure that you’re up to date on all the walker filled adventures? Binge past seasons of the original series as well as the more recent spin offs.


The Cleaning Lady (Fox)


The Cleaning Lady.
Image Credit: Fox.

This suspense filled drama is one of my favorites and it’s back this week for season 3. While I’m not sure how the show is going to handle the real life untimely death of Adan Canto, this show never fails to deliver. Stream seasons one and two to get ready for upcoming episodes.


Animal Control (Fox)

ANIMAL CONTROL: L_R: Grace Palmer and Joel McHale in the "Weasels and Ostriches" episode of ANIMAL CONTROL.
Image Credit: Fox Media LLC.


One of my husband’s favorite binges for raunchy and inappropriate comedies is back for a new season and fans will want to make sure they’ve watched all the latest episodes. Joel McHale does his typical dry humor with a talented cast of goofy coworkers in this silly sitcom that is more about fun than common sense.


Gabby’s Dollhouse (Netflix)


Gabby’s Dollhouse S9. Laila Lockhart Kraner as Gabby in Gabby’s Dollhouse S9.

If you have little ones, chances are this cute and crafty series is a frequent on your family’s watch list. Colorful, creative and lots of fun, this mom approves this fun and kid-friendly show as wholesome entertainment.


A new season is debuting soon and kids will want to make sure they check out past episodes so that they haven’t missed any of the fun.


The Program: Cons, Cults and Kidnapping

The Program: Cons, Cults and Kidnapping - Production Still Image.
Image Credit: Netflix.

Are programs that help troubled teens everything that they seem?


This new Netflix docudrama takes a look behind the scenes where abuse, corruption and more occur.


One Day

One Day.
Image Credit: Netflix.

This new romantic drama that spans decades has millions of fans reaching for the tissue. It follows a young couple who meet on the night of their graduation and what happens to them in the years to follow.


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar the Last Airbender.
Image Credit: Nickelodeon.


This fan-favorite animated series from Nickelodeon has risen to a whole new level in a live-action series as Avatar Ang learns to restore balance to the world and master the elements.


The Dark Side of The Ring

The Dark Side of The Ring.
Image Credit: Vice TV.

Wrestling fans will be pumped to know that this behind the scenes look at some of the industry’s biggest secrets and dramas is back. Dark stories, scandals and more are sure to be revealed.



Image Credit: Apple TV.

A new sci-fi addition to Apple TV, this series shares the story of an astronaut that has a scary experience as she returns to Earth. When arrives home, nothing is the way that it seems, strange happenings occur and the lead is no longer sure who she can trust.



Sarayu Blue (Hilary Star) in Expats.
Image Credit: Jupiter Wong/Prime Video.


This new Amazon Prime drama is led by Nicole Kidman and takes an exotic look at when Americans live in countries that are not their own. When her son disappears, Kidman’s character’s life is thrown off course into a dramatic tale of affluence, entanglements and other complications.




Image Credit: Peacock.

This foul mouthed living teddy bear has returned in a prequel series to the popular movies. Fans can turn into Peacock to see the bear voiced by Seth MacFarlane come to life again with his 16 year old best friend John.


Hijinks and adventures ensue and the talkative bear also helps his family members along the way.


Genius: MLK/Malcolm X

Aaron Pierre as Malcolm X in GENIUS: MLK/X.
Image Credit: National Geographic/Richard DuCree.


A docudrama that covers the lives of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., this series explores their roles in this important movement and their approach to civil rights. The episodes not only share the history of these leaders but their complex lives.


No matter what your preferences, there are always endless possibilities for entertainment to watch online and in theaters. Watch for more must-watch shows and movies coming soon

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