Top 10 Netflix Shows that Inspire Travel

Michelle Muncy-Silva


Netflix isn’t just for binge-watching anymore. While we may have used it as a source of comfort and connection during the isolation of the pandemic, it has a whole other purpose now.


Travel TV shows can help you travel with intention and inspire viewers to explore the world with a purpose, seeking meaningful experiences and connections along the way.


Travel shows are an incredible source of inspiration when it comes to designing your own adventures. You can gather unique perspectives and cultural awareness and learn about new experiences in far-away destinations.


Just click and watch the red “N” paint itself across the screen while that distinctive and inviting “ta-dum” chimes. Then search for these ten must-see shows to inspire your next trip!


Somebody Feed Phil


Phil Rosenthal, the “Everybody Loves Raymond” creator, hosts the show. What you’ll love is his self-deprecating humor and his passion for food as a connector of people. This passion carries across the 5 – 6 episodes per season. Travel from Singapore to New Orleans and get inspiration for how to eat your way through these remarkable locations.


The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals


Follow along with your three hosts – Megan, Jo, and Luis – who show you luxury, mid-range, and budget stays across the globe. Each episode follows a shared theme. They show you eco-friendly lodging from Tulum to Finland to Colorado or waterfront getaways in Anguilla, Vermont, or Washington. No matter your taste or budget, this show demonstrates that everyone can create memorable experiences at new destinations.


Street Food Asia


Each episode provides viewers with inspirational stories of passionate street food artists. You feel connected to each local vendor at locations all across Asia. From the famous Michelin star Jay Fai in Bangkok to the hilarious Toyo in Osaka, their stories touch your heart and make you realize that just dining at their tables would be a worthwhile journey.


Down to Earth with Zac Efron


This show’s sustainable travel focus educates us on multiple levels. Viewers not only get an in-depth introduction to eco-friendly and sustainable practices at each destination, but the series also delves more deeply than expected into local customs and ways of life at lesser-known destinations. The show inspires us all to be mindful of our impact while also providing us with alternatives to more traditional tourist activities. And with Zac Efron’s relatable personality, you never feel preached to, more like you’re learning right along with him.


Taco Chronicles


Bring your notepad with you as you watch this series! Their episode on pastor tacos in Mexico City is just one example of how you will want to design at least part of your itinerary around the special spots highlighted in that episode. Other episodes help you get off the beaten path all across the country and give you an insider’s glimpse into how each region developed its own take on fantastic taco creations.

Street Food USA


The creators of Chef’s Table provide viewers with a journey across America that they won’t forget. From Yakamein with Ms. Linda Green in New Orleans and Kalua pig in Oahu, you are not short on travel inspiration in this six-episode series. You’ll treasure their stories as surely as you will move from couch to computer in order to buy your next flight!


Our Great National Parks



Create your natural wonder bucket list from Patagonia to Kenya to Monterey Bay. These destinations call to mind once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see the wonders of this world. And you get the added perk of narration from former President Barak Obama.



Jack Whitehall Travels with My Father


Anyone who has done or is thinking about doing a multi-generational trip needs to watch this show! The show’s humor makes it a hit with all ages, and the challenges they face, whether it be trying different foods or exploring unfamiliar elements of a new culture, will have you laughing, guaranteed. Throughout the seasons (some seasons only have two episodes due to the pandemic), the father and son highlight how different viewpoints can be overcome to create bonding experiences through travel.



Steet Food Latin America


This docuseries will have you raising your shot glass to toast the stories behind the amazing flavors at each vendor’s stall. You’ll be ready to pack your bags and your appetite by the end of each show.




Hosts Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer get to the heart of what makes a destination worthy. Guests need to feel like they are entering an experience, not just a tourist spot, and that is what this show highlights with each destination. They help homeowners create lodging that is as must a reason to visit as the city itself. You’ll be inspired to not only see each location but stay at the showcased lodging as well!


Netflix has evolved into an invaluable piece of our travel planning puzzle, so much more than the binge-watching platform we’ve loved it for in the past. With a diverse lineup of shows like Somebody Feed Phil, Street Food Asia, Our Great National Parks, and more, you can take off on these virtual journeys and gather inspiration as you plan for your next in-person adventure.


Immerse yourself in foreign cultures and uncover insider knowledge of off-the-beaten-path locations. Let the red “N” guide you through a world of captivating stories and experiences that will help you create your own.


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