The 19 Starz Shows You Won’t Regret Streaming

Starz is well-known for its vast collection of movies; however, the streaming network is now home to some of the most popular TV shows today. If you are new to Starz or are considering checking it out, read on to see the most popular TV shows on Starz right now.

Howards End

Hayley Atwell (Margaret Schlegel)-Howards End.
Image Credit: Starz.

E.M. Forster wrote the novel Howards End, published in 1910, and now it has been brought to life on screen as a television series. The story revolves around two sisters and their ever-changing lives as they get involved with men and deal with everything else that comes in a quickly evolving world during the turn of the century in England.


P-Valley_Episode 210_Mississippi Rule_Left to Right: Brandee Evans (“Mercedes”).
Image Credit: Starz.


In P-Valley, viewers follow the lives of a group of people who work at a strip club, The Pynk, in the Mississippi Valley. The drama series is based on Katori Hall’s play. The show points out the tough lives and beauty of the craft of stripping, without sugarcoating the difficulties.

Survivor’s Remorse

Jessie T. Usher (Cam Calloway)- Survivor's Remorse.
Image Credit: Starz.


Cam Calloway moves to Atlanta with his cousin after signing a multi-million-dollar basketball contract and soon finds that greedy family members and fame aren’t all he hoped they would be. Life’s issues are dealt with in comedic form in Survivor’s Remorse.

The Missing

David Morrissey (as Sam Webster).

Image Credit: Starz.

In the suspenseful drama, The Missing, a couple, Tony and Emily Hughes are devastated when they find their 5-year-old son has gone missing during a vacation in France. They spend the next years of their lives searching for him.

Party Down

Party Down
Image Credit: Starz.


Six caterers must wait on and mingle with Hollywood stars at events as they are intensely seeking fame and fortune in the acting business. Every episode takes place at a new catering event with plenty of drama to entertain us.

The Serpent Queen

The Serpent Queen.
Image Credit: Starz.


In Leonie Frieda’s Book, Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France,” a French count marries a 14-year-old girl who eventually rises to great power. The Serpent Queen brings the book to life with actress Samantha Morton playing Catherine.


Outlander_Episode 708_Turning Points_Left to Right: Caitríona Balfe (“Claire Fraser”).
Image Credit: Starz.


Time-traveling British nurse Claire Randall travels to the 17th century in Scotland and finds love with a Highland warrior. Outlander exudes romance and passion as the two display intense scenes of unbridled chemistry.


MNX2_EPISODE 203 – “It’s Okay to Like It”_Left to Right: OPHELIA LOVIBOND “Joyce Prigger”.
Image Credit: Starz.


Minx is a fun comedy about a young feminist determined to start the first women’s erotic magazine with the help of her low-rent and somewhat shady magazine publisher. Unexpected relationships blossom throughout the show.

American Gods

American Gods.
Image Credit: Starz.

Shadow, an ex-convict who recently lost his wife, forms an unlikely relationship with a mysterious character called Mr. Wednesday who is trying to bring back the old Gods of generations before to fight the American Gods — technology and media, which have a hold on everyone.

The White Princess

Jacob Collins-Levy (King Henry VII)_The White Princess 102.
Image Credit: Starz.


Princess Elizabeth is promised to marry King Henry VII; however, the princess has other plans. Though their marriage should bring unity to England, Lizzie (Princess Elizabeth) is plotting against the husband she is forced to marry.


Image Credit: Starz.


Julia Roberts and Sean Penn give stellar performances in Gaslit, which tells the story of Nixon’s administration working to keep the Attorney General’s wife (Julia Roberts) quiet about what she knows about Watergate.

The White Queen

The White Queen.
Image Credit: Starz.


It’s 1463 and a Yorkist King falls in love with a commoner, leading to a secret wedding and a surprise Queen of England. However, two women who feel it was wrong, vow to destroy the life of the new Queen.

Da Vinci’s Demons

Da Vinci’s Demons.
Image Credit: Starz.


Da Vinci’s Demons takes place in Florence, where a young Leonardo Da Vinci is hoping to change the world with his art. His visionary personality draws the attention of the mistress of Lorenzo Medici’s mistress, which leads to trouble in his life.


Image Credit: Starz.


Personalities and views collide as Jackie Quiñones, a National Marine Fisheries Service Agent, discovers a dead body and must work together with Sargeant Ray Abruzzo, the Interagency Narcotics Units leader in Cape Cod.

Shining Vale

Shining Vale_Episode 208_ Chapter 16: Redemption: Gus Birney (“Gaynor”) and Courteney Cox (“Patricia “Pat” Phelps”).
Image Credit: Starz.

Patricia Phelps, a famous author, and her husband leave city life in Brooklyn to start fresh in Shining Vale after Patricia’s affair with another man is made public. What follows is a series of events in the mysterious house that leave Patricia wondering if she has lost her mind.


Image Credit: Starz.

James St. Patrick is a wealthy nightclub owner who is also involved in dealing drugs under the name “Ghost.” James wants to leave the criminal world and focus on his nightclub career.

Black Sails

Toby Schmitz (as Jack Rackham) - eps. 401.
Image Credit: Starz.

It’s 1715, and Captain Flint prepares with his crew to fight for the survival of New Providence Island in the show Black Sails, created by Jonathan Steinberg as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island.

Magic City

Magic City.
Image Credit: Starz.


It’s 1959, and Fidel Castro, The Kennedys, spies, and racial segregation are the topic of discussion everywhere. However, Ike Evans has more significant concerns when the man nicknamed “The Butcher” is back to collect the money he lent Ike years ago to open his extravagant Miami Beach hotel.

Dublin Murders

Dublin Murders.
Image Credit: Starz.


After a girl is found murdered in the woods just outside Dublin, Rob and Cassie, two detectives, make a bargain and work to solve the case; however, as they dig deeper, there friendship and working relationship are tested.

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