12 TV Shows That People Say They’ll Never Watch (No Matter How Many Times People Say How Good They Are)

Wow, there sure are some stubborn people out there! Check out these TV shows that people say they’ll never watch no matter how many times people say how good they are.

If you’ve been holding out on some popular show that everyone is watching then this list is definitely for you!

Dating Shows

Image Credit: London Weekend Television.

The person who suggested this one said they will never watch “literally any dating show”. Then, as you might expect, a bunch of people replied with dating show suggestions. There were some interesting options (like the 1999 reality show Blind Date).

This forced OP to edit their original comment to let everyone know they were not going to be watching their recommendations.

I guess they really were true to their word!

Talent Reality Shows

Image Credit: 19 Entertainment.

These shows are insanely popular but there’s still a lot of people who refuse to watch talent style reality TV shows, or even all reality TV. No, they don’t care how great this season is, or how many conversations they’re left out of at the office on Monday mornings – it’s not happening.


Image Credit: Bunim/Murray Productions.

Making a list about shows people don’t like without including the Kardashians is pretty much impossible. I’m not even sure the people who like this show enjoy it, though. From what I can tell everyone is just hate-watching at this point but some of us don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives.

13 Reasons Why

Image Credit: Kicked to the Curb Productions.

If you’re an adult you might have skipped this popular show because it was aimed at teens. Or maybe you refuse to watch it because of the bad writing, the subject matter, or how it seems to glorify suicide. Either way, it’s a polarizing Netflix series that people either love or refuse to check out!

Chicago Fire

Image Credit: Wolf Films.

Granted the person who suggested this one had a pretty good reason: they’re a firefighter and can’t stand it. It’s not that they don’t want to think about work, just that the show is very inaccurate compared to the reality of what it takes to be a real firefighter.

Grey’s Anatomy

Image Credit: Shondaland.

Few shows have fun for as long as Grey’s Anatomy did, which means there was a lot of opportunity for fans of this series to tell everyone how good it is. The more popular a show is the more people there are out there who refuse to watch it no matter what, so it makes sense to include Grey’s Anatomy on this list.

Of course, that’s not saying the show is worth watching – it’s definitely not for everyone.

Two and a Half Men (Without Charlie Sheen)

Image Credit: Chuck Lorre Productions

Controversy aside, for many fans of this comedy Charlie Sheen leaving meant they had no intention of watching the show anymore. It just wasn’t the same without him!

Tiger King

Image Credit: Goode Films

I know a lot of people who refused to watch Tiger King when it was super popular. Looking back, it’s probably not all that good of a show, but at the time it seemed like the pressure was on to check out this lockdown hit.

If you’re someone who refused to watch Tiger King no matter how many times people said how good it was you’re definitely not alone!

The L-Word

Image Credit: Anonymous Content.

The person who suggested this series happens to also be a lesbian – but no matter how many times the L-Word is recommended in her queer circles she still refuses to watch it. Proof that just because a show has characters that you can relate to doesn’t mean you’ll actually enjoy it.

This Is Us

Image Credit: Rhode Island Ave. Productions.

As a fan, this show is very dramatic and each episode is intense so I can totally see why some folks refuse to watch it. That being said, my partner was also in the “I’ll never watch it no matter how good you say it is” camp but found himself suckered in every time it was on… So never say never!

The Walking Dead

Image Credit: AMC Studios.

Now this is one that I refuse to watch myself regardless of how popular it is and how many of my fellow nerds are into it. I just don’t care about zombies or the people in the show surviving them. It’s also gone on way too long!

Sex and the City

Image Credit: Darren Star Productions.

Sex and the City was one of HBOs first big shows and it seems like everyone recommends you watch it. I do wonder if it was only popular because it came out at a time where there weren’t many shows like it on TV.

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