What Show Do You Wish Never Ended? 12 Fans Answer

We all hate it when a show we’re into comes to an end – whether it was canceled abruptly or just finished. We wanted to know how people online would answer the question, “What show do you wish never ended?” and these are some of the top answers.

If you’ve found yourself wanting to stay in a TV world a little longer or see what’s next for certain characters, you’re not alone… Are your picks on this list?

Broad City

Broad City.
Image Credit: Comedy Central.

So many funny moments in this show! It wasn’t canceled for any specific reason (like poor ratings) either – just that the creators felt like they told their story and it was a good place to end. But we wanted more!


Image Credit: Netflix.

So many people are still hurt by Netflix cancelling Mindhunter ! Unfortunately it seemed to be too expensive to make so there was no hope for the next season. Which is really a shame since it still had a pretty loyal following!

Derry Girls

Derry Girls - Production Still Image.
Image Credit: Netflix.

This is one of the best recent shows but unfortunately it’s already been cancelled. It did end in a good spot (and may have suffered if it went on any longer) but that’s left folks with this desire for more that isn’t being fulfilled.

Guess you could watch it again like this fan did. They said: “Rewatched it so many times I have lost count of it.”

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies.
Image Credit: ABC.

Everyone agrees Pushing Daisies was cancelled before it could tell its story leaving a lot of people (myself included) thinking of it whenever we’re considering shows we wish never ended.

Schitt’s Creek

Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, and Annie Murphy in Schitt's Creek (2015)
Image Credit: CBC.


It’s not that this comedy ended at a bad time (on the contrary – it was perfect), it’s just that fans want more of the characters and jokes. And who can blame them for that!

Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet.
Image Credit: Lara Solanki / Netflix.

Another show that was cancelled before it should have been, Santa Clarita Diet was one of many started then abandoned Netflix shows.

Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted.
Image Credit: ABC.

Often lauded as “ahead of its time” Better Off Ted just didn’t find the footing to make it into a long running series when it came out. That’s led to a huge cult following and a lot of people wishing it had never ended or would come back again.

Kim’s Convenience

Kim’s Convenience.
Image Credit: CBC Media.

Some blame the CBC for the disappointment fans faced when this show was cancelled but who can blame them for not wanting to continue it once the creators left for other projects? Nonetheless, this caused a very sudden end for Kim’s Convenience and that left fans confused and disappointed.


Issa RaeHBO Insecure Season 5 - Episode 10.
Image Credit: Merie Wallace/HBO.

If this one never ended (or at least didn’t end where it did) we might have gotten an ending that wasn’t so rushed. Fans wanted to see what would happen to the characters… But not what we got in this one’s finale.

Mad Men

Mad Men _ Season 7B, Episode 14.
Image Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC.

I would have thought after so many seasons that fans would have been satisfied when Mad Men ended. After all, it really seemed like a good point to end the story. But one person suggested an interesting idea, saying “I want to watch every character go through every decade until they die, I miss them.”

That definitely sounds like a good way to keep the show alive!


Evan Rachel Wood HBO Westworld Season 4 - Episode 7.
Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO.

While they weren’t necessarily gung ho for more Westworld, fans felt that a little more time before the ending would allow HBO to give them a chance at a proper ending… Because what we got was not it.

The Great

The Great
Image Credit: Christopher Raphael/Hulu.

This is one of my favorite comedy/satire shows and I would have loved to spend more time in this hilarious world. Every character was written so well! Unfortunately, they wrote it to match history (sorta) which messed up what made the show interesting for the viewer.

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