Couple Goals: Which Bridgerton Pair Has Your Heart Skipping a Beat?

Since the Bridgerton TV series premiered on Netflix in December 2020, it has captivated the minds and souls of viewers worldwide for its wonderful storyline, great cast, and wonderful acting.

The Bridgerton Family

This show is a story revolving around the Bridgerton family and set in the Regency era (1795-1837). It is based on the book by Julia Quinn. The story follows eight close-knit siblings looking for love and happiness in London’s high society.


As it gets onto season 3, we have sampled some of the best couples in the series according to people’s opinions. Here are some of the best responses.

Kate and Anthony

Several people loved the chemistry between Kate and Anthony. One said, “Kate and Anthony….now and forever. I will always have a soft spot for Kanthony, their dance scenes alone makes them unforgettable.”


Another loved how natural they seemed, “Their chemistry seems so natural and flawless. They completed each other without knowing it, right the beginning and with time, they learnt to understand each other to finally falling trully in love with everything between: respect; understanding, support.


Anthony and Kate make a strong couple which fans fall in love quite qickly and deeply. Now, a majority of us want to know what’s next for them, what kind of parent they will be with their kids.”

George and Charlotte

George and Charlotte went through several challenges and still stuck together. This is one of the reasons why they are beloved.


One user said, “George and Charlotte dealing with his mental illness just really hit me because marriages do really have to deal with heavy issues like that. The way it was filmed and performed was just beautiful in an aching and genuinely heartbreaking way. I do understand why that not may be everyone’s cup of tea and this season did lack the light escapism and happily ever after quality of the others but it’s why these two really got me.”


Another said, “George and Charlotte are my number one currently, I loved seeing their chemistry on screen.”

“I think George and Charlotte have the most natural on screen chemistry of the three couples, it is incendiary, romantic and moving,” agreed one more person.


According to another person, George and Charlotte grew beautifully in love, “ George and Charlotte, we got to see them GROW in love, not just fall in it. Now if we got to see more lifetimes looks from S1 and S2, then we might have competition!”

Simon and Daphne

One person said there was something magical and imaginative between Daphne and Simon, “I love Simon and Daphne so dang much but once it got to the dual the whole thing falls apart for me and quite frankly ruins the whole season for me. It also really bugs me they never talk about both of their deceptions and thus it all feels like something is left unsaid and unbelievable. The fact they’re not in the second season together also makes it feel like they lost something in the forced s*x + not sharing about his father. I haven’t watched QC yet so it’s Kate and Anthony until then!”


Another person agreed saying, “Season 1 is my favorite. It felt the most magical. A lot of people talk about Saphnes first dance but I loved when they danced in EP2 the music was the theme I believe when they were actually laughing/smiling it gave a vibe I haven’t seen since.”


“Daphne & Simon season 1 just has something extra that really engages my heart and my imagination and the aesthetics feel like they have an extra sparkly oomph that QC kind of gave but in a darker way.


Their relationship feels so real – I truly feel like I’m watching two individuals grow from cool strangers, to buddies, to best friends and lovers. Their love and happiness and relationship feels realistic and tangible in a way the other 2 couples didn’t quite achieve for me tbh,” quipped another person.


Who is your favorite Bridgerton couple? What makes them stand out?



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