12 Great TV Shows That Nobody Talks About

What’s that TV show that you’re always wanting to share with people, but no one seems to know anything about? We all have one, which is why we wrangled up 12 great TV shows that nobody talks about.


That’s right! We’re talking about these great shows now! If some of your favorites are on this list take comfort knowing that you’re not alone. And if you haven’t’ seen some of these awesome TV series they’re perfect options to add to your “watch next” list!

The Tick Cartoon

Nostalgia right out of the gate! If you missed it, The Tick was a mid-90s animated show based on the comics of the same name. Yes, the show was made for kids, but the humor easily appeals to all ages.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

Didn’t hear about this show? Apparently you’re not alone! While thousands of fans agreed with this answer, even more hadn’t heard of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret at all.


Written by and starring David Cross (Arrested Development), it’s a dark comedy show about an American who lies his way into a job in London selling energy drinks.


It’s even forgettable amongst its fans. “I forgot this show existed. I for sure need to rewatch it.” someone replied.

Derry Girls

It’s pretty common to see British shows looked over if you live in the US because they often don’t air across the pond. Derry Girls is a a relatively new (2018-2022) teen drama that’s set in Northern Ireland in the early 90s. If you’re not up on recent UK history, this period was part of “The Troubles” for Northern Ireland and included protests, conflict, and civilian violence.


“No one ever mentions Derry Girls, I think it’s funnier than half the stuff popular rn” the commenter pointed out.

Russian Doll

Russian Doll was right up my alley when I watched it but I do agree that not enough people recognized this show for what it is. Part comedy, part surreal mystery, it was quietly released on Netflix a few years ago.


While Russian Doll was popular enough to get a second season, it likely won’t continue since the writer moved onto other projects.


Thankfully, fans still love it. “Genuinely one of the best Netflix shows.” someone said. Another added, “Agreed! Great soundtrack too!”.

Miracle Workers

Miracle Workers is an anthology show, meaning that every season tells a completely different story using the same cast of actors. With so many stars in the cast (Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi, to name a few) it’s shocking that no one seems to be talking about this amazing show.


Need convincing? This review says it all: “LOVE this show. Such a delightfully random cast (put Lolly Adefope in more stuff!) and high-concept but lighthearted humor executed perfectly.”

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

You might have heard of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, most folks aren’t familiar with this second book (turned TV series by Netflix) written by Douglas Adams. The name pretty much describes the show: Dirk Gently runs a very unconventional detective agency. While it may not have gotten much fanfare when it came out it certainly resonates with fans – even if no one is talking about it.

Black Books

Glad to see this show finally getting some love! Black Books is a hilarious British comedy show about a used book store. Written by and starring two popular comedians, this show is both witty and incredibly odd.

Good Omens

Another of my favorite shows, even I came to this series late because no one was talking about it when it came out. Closely following the book written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, the Good Omens TV show is silly, quaint, and perfectly paced. It’s really a shame it didn’t get more love!

Mission Hill

Mission Hill is from the early era of adult-oriented comedy shows. It seemed like so many series back then came and went (some great, some not so much) and no one really talks about any of them now. Mission Hill only got one season, but that 13 episode run left a big impact on this niche shows’ fanbase.


“Just too ahead of it’s time.” one fan commented. It really was!

Kim’s Convenience

A lot of Canadian shows do make it to other countries but they often fly under the radar compared to primetime series. Kim Convenience is one of these shows. Super unique, it’s set in Toronto and follows a Korean-Canadian immigrant family that owns a convenience store.

Are You Being Served

Not to get personal here, but I have fond memories of this show because reruns always seemed to be playing late at night on the comedy channels here in Canada. Are You Being Served is actually a British show from the 70s, but the jokes (full of innuendo and slapstick) still hold up some 50 years later.


“Old series but absolutely hilarious if you’re a fan of British comedy. So many episodes that are just as funny if not funnier after watching it again.”


Yes, people did talk about Suburgatory when it came out but with so many older shows getting a new following thanks to streaming now’s a great time to open the discussion up again. In a nutshell, it follows a city-raised teen girl as her family moves to suburbia to “keep her safe” from all those bad big city influences.


As you can imagine, she’s not too happy about this arrangement.




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