11 of the Most Unhinged Movies Ever Made

Movies do a lot of things but at the end of the day they’re made to entertain… And some movies will try anything to get the viewer in. Don’t believe me? Check out these films: they’re some of the most unhinged movies ever made.

I actually forgot some of these movies existed. And by forgot, I of course mean blacked them out from my memory because there’s some really strange ones on this list. If you’re in the mood for something totally unhinged then I’ve got 11 great picks for your next movie night!

My Father The Hero

My Father the Hero.
Image Credit: Buena Vista Pay Television (Showtime).

The concept seems simple enough: a teen girl goes on vacation with her dad and wants to appear older and cooler to impress a boy. What’s unhinged is the stories she makes up to do this – all of which her dad plays along with.


Image Credit: A24.

If you went into Tusk thinking you were getting a regular horror movie or, even worse, a Kevin Smith comedy then you’d find yourself shocked and a bit disgusted. If body horror creeps you out then you definitely want to avoid this one, trust me.

Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man.
Image Credit: Astrakan Films.

I feel like what happened here is that Daniel Radcliffe made so much money from Harry Potter that he decided to accept any non mainstream script that came his way. At least he can’t be accused of not having a sense of humor!

Swiss Army Man is exactly the movie the title implies; he’s a man (aka a body double dummy of Daniel) who is used to solve various problems. Physically. With his body. It’s definitely unhinged.

The Human Centipede

The Human Centipede.
Image Credit: Six Entertainment.

We all knew what we thought we were getting with this movie: creepy, maybe even campy, body horror. What we got was something that was not just scary but disgusting too. Just body horror for the sake of it with little semblance of horror or plot makes this one extremely unhinged.


Image Credit:
Pierpoline Films.

It seems the horror genre is one of the best when it comes to unhinged films, but if The Human Centipede surprised us by being grosser and less fun than we expected Teeth surprised us by being enjoyable.

Anyway, the story, you ask? A woman has teeth in her vagina… And she uses it to inflict some pretty harsh punishments on men who do her wrong.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse.
Image Credit: A24.

Loved this movie but definitely was left sitting there going “what just happened” once it ended. If you like weird, surreal, and unhinged movies then definitely add this one to your list – I won’t give any more away than that.


Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

The musical is weird enough live but the movie? Yeah. Totally unhinged. From the costumes to that one scene with cockroaches it’s amazing this movie made it to the silver screen at all.

Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

One of my favorite childhood movies and I was delighted to see others suggesting Kung Pow as one of the most unhinged movies they’ve ever seen. To make this one they used old Japanese fighting films and re-dubbed them while also cutting in new footage with look-alike actors.

The result is something funny and so very strange… It sure is a shame the sequel never happened.

The Lobster

The Lobster.
Image Credit: Film 4.

If you went into The Lobster expecting a romantic comedy I can totally see how this unhinged film took you by surprise. Yes, it’s technically a comedy film, but a black comedy – so many parts are unsettling and odd.

Spice World

Spice World.
Image Credit: Five Girls Ltd.

I saw this one in the theatre so I can’t help but stand up for Spice World as a film… But yes, it’s completely off the rails.

You’re forgiven if you don’t know the story here: popular pop band The Spice Girls (played by themselves) are dissatisfied with life and throw in the towel before a big performance. Then all kinds of weird stuff happens…

Vampire’s Kiss

Vampire's Kiss.
Image Credit: MGM.

If you haven’t seen it (or heard of it), Vampire’s Kiss is about a guy (played by Nicholas Cage) who thinks he’s becoming a vampire. He goes to the store to buy fake vampire teeth and everything.

To get a feel for how unhinged it is I’ll share the absolute funniest part of this movie, in my opinion: he flips over his sofa and starts sleeping underneath it during the day like a coffin.

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