Want to Watch a Movie With a Massive Plot Twist? Here’s 12 Suggestions!

Ever watch a movie that leaves you muttering “holy crap” long after the credits finish rolling? Once you know the twist in a movie you can’t enjoy it again – but these 12 movies all have a massive plot twist so you can get that feeling again and again.

I won’t add spoilers here, but even knowing a movie has a plot twist in the first place is a bit of a spoiler itself so keep that in mind.

The Prestige

Image Credit: Syncopy.

The Prestige is about two magicians in the 1890s competing to create the ultimate trick. Except it’s also directed by Christopher Nolan, which, unsurprisingly, means the twist in this movie (based on a book) is executed perfectly.

Primal Fear

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.


Primal Fear follows a lawyer who’s defending a young man accused of murdering an Archbishop. The twist involves crime, murder, and of course, the truth to the case.


Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.

A group of 10 are waiting out a storm in a Nevada hotel, only to start being murdered one by one. There’s a lot of plot twists in this one that keep you guessing right until the end.

Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods.
Image Credit: Lionsgate.

Not only is the plot twist in Cabin in the Woods completely unexpected, it also changes everything about the viewer’s perception. If you like scary movies with a surprise ending then you’ll love this flick. Trust me.

Shutter Island

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

I’m still reeling from the plot twist in Shutter Island so many years later. What a great movie – and you really don’t see it coming. It’s based on the book of the same name, but deviates significantly from it when it reaches the climax.

The result is an amazing cinematic experience that stays true to the original while still being thrilling to watch on the silver screen.


Image Credit: Egg Films (South Korea).

If you can find the Korean version of Oldboy you’re in for a real treat. There is an American version of this film but the original is so much better. This brutal revenge flick comes up a lot in movie recommendations, so if you haven’t watched it definitely add it to your list.


Image Credit: Warner Bros.

This critically acclaimed action-thriller is incredibly dark, both in tone and story. There’s a serial killer on the loose who’s committing crimes based on the seven deadly sins. Both the cops and the viewer are never sure what will happen next in this one.


Image Credit: A24.

Probably the weirdest movie you’ll ever watch, Tusk could almost be considered a parody or B-movie if it wasn’t so darn freaky. Written and directed by Kevin Smith (Clerks), Tusk is both surprising with its plot twist and wildly uncomfortable in its body horror.

The Handmaiden

Image Credit: CJ Entertainment.


The second film directed by Park Chan-wook (he also did Oldboy ) on this list, The Handmaiden is an intense and plot-twist film about a man trying to seduce a woman out of her fortune. It’s also very graphic, so be warned.

Gone Girl

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.


Based on the novel of the same name, Gone Girl tells the story of a couple who seems to be in love. That is until the wife goes missing and the husband becomes the main suspect. Psychological, intense, and surprising, there’s a good reason Gone Girl is such a popular book and movie.


Image Credit: Lionsgate.

Another psychological thriller, Frailty might have been a movie you missed when it came out in 2001. The less you know going into this one the better so check it out if you haven’t seen it. Especially since a lot of people say Frailty is underrated and “slept on” by movie lovers.

The Usual Suspects

Image Credit: PolyGram Filmed Entertainment.

The storytelling style of The Usual Suspects is definitely unique. It’s done through a mix of flashbacks and narration as a criminal confesses to the events leading up to a bloody massacre. Despite its name, the story in The Usual Suspects is anything but usual.

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