Popular Shows People Refused to Watch

There are so many popular shows that it seems like “everyone” is watching them. Are there any popular shows that you absolutely refuse to watch for any reason? Some people shared which popular shows they refuse to watch and why.


Popular Shows People Refuse to Watch


Someone started a discussion by asking, “What’s a popular TV show that you will never watch?”


They continued, “I will never watch Grey’s Anatomy too many seasons or The Office. I know it’s supposed to get good after season 1, but I don’t want to watch it.”


People shared the shows they refuse to watch and why. These are some of the most interesting ones.


This is Us


One person wrote, “Everyone who watches it says how emotional it is, and that’s just not what I want.”

Another person added, “My wife watches that show and it’s just, like, always something with that family. They’re trying to cram in as much emotional trauma and turmoil as possible and it just becomes a gimmick after a while.”


Breaking Bad


One person had a really good reason to avoid watching Breaking Bad, “Unpopular opinion: I avoided Breaking Bad bc it seemed like a bummer, and I’ve lost family to meth. I’m positive it’s an objectively amazingly crafted show with great writing/acting etc…but just on personal grounds, I didn’t want to get that emotional over TV.”


Another person added, “This is probably a good call. It was an amazing show, but I can see how it can be triggering for so many people. There were a lot of tears for me in that show.”




“That show is disgusting. Especially because Netflix didn’t ask the loved ones of the families if they can use their stories, I can understand wanting to watch a documentary about serial killers maybe you wonder how on earth someone could commit such heinous crimes. But why make dramatized stories of them. Just why?” one person wrote.


Someone added, “It’s bad enough as it is, but it’s made 100x worse by the fact that the victims families didn’t even get consent to whether it should have been made or not.”


Big Bang Theory


Some people won’t watch that because it’s offensive to geeks. Someone commented, “Hey, geeks, you’re the joke.”


Another added, “That was my point. The show isn’t laughing with geeks; it’s laughing at geeks and using mainstreamed geeks to do it.”


Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones. I’m not super into fantasy, I know a majority of the twists throughout the seasons, and everyone says the final season is awful,” someone wrote.




“Was looking for this, I hate Friends,” someone replied.


Another person shared, “My wife LOVES it. I may sit and watch an episode, and I’ll chuckle at something and she’s like “see it’s funny.” Well of course, it’s a sitcom it’s got some jokes. I just hate the characters and the story.”


Another person wrote, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than a few minutes of Friends, and even that was painful.”




“lard knows I tried because there was so much Reddit love for it, but I struggled as far as S1 E8, and that’s it, no more, I am done forever. Dark is not my cup of tea at all,” someone wrote.


Grey’s Anatomy


Someone wrote, “My wife watches it religiously, and I tried to get into it. When I found out that Sandra Oh wasn’t the lead, I gave up. Nope, you had the sense to get one of my favorite actors and didn’t center the show around her? Pass.”


Another person said, “It began in a time when there were too dang many hospital dramas. So. Many. Of. Them. ER had fallen to soap opera shlock and this felt like just more of the same. I believe Monday Mornings was the last of those I ever got involved in, and I’m getting mad as I type this, that it was dropped but GA is apparently immortal.”


The Crown


Someone had a strong take on The Crown, “I will never watch the Crown because I hate the royal family with a burning passion due to what their family has done to most of Africa over the centuries, and the fact that they’re revered and beloved for that, and still profit off of that stuff to this day.”


Ted Lasso


Someone wrote, “Ted Lasso. People keep recommending it to me because I love soccer, but that’s precisely why I just don’t ever want to watch it.”


Peaky Blinders


Someone wrote, “Peaky Blinders. I tried the 1st episode on 4 separate occasions over 3 years and couldn’t get pass 15 mins without boredom.”


Another said, “Watch one episode and just couldn’t get it. If a show doesn’t interest me after one episode I don’t care about it. Yeah there’s probably great stuff I’ve not watch but I’m okay with that.”




“You. {darn} show nearly gives me a panic attack every time it pops up on my recommended list. Ex was exactly like the main character. NOPE! Good if you want to know what to watch out for. Bad if you’ve already been through it and want to be FAR away from it,” someone exclaimed.


Are there any shows you won’t watch?


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