12 Series With the Worst TV Show Finales of All Time

There’s bad endings to TV shows and then there are some that are just plain terrible. We’ve got the latter here with 12 series that might just have the worst TV show finales of all time.

Since we’re talking about TV show finales and series endings here there are definitely going to be spoilers, so don’t read this if you plan on watching any of these shows.

(Or maybe do to avoid disappointment.)

Spider Man: The Animated Series

Spider Man: The Animated Series.
Image Credit: Marvel.

The show got cancelled on a cliffhanger that forced this animated series into an eternity of never knowing what will happen next. At the end of the final season we find out Mary Jane was replaced with a water clone and then she dissolves in Peter’s arms.

That’s where the series ends so we never get closure.

Another Spider Man show, Spider Man Unlimited also ends on a cliffhanger due to being cancelled; in that one there is a literal end of the world but we never get closure to what happens next (or see the world saved).

My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl.
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

The sad thing about this show’s ending is that the creator actually had the series all planned out but it was cancelled before the ending could be realized.

Since the intention was to come back for another season they left season 4 on a major cliffhanger.


Image Credit: Showtime.

It seems like Showtime has a reputation for running their popular shows into the ground (looking at you, Dexter) and Weeds is no exception. By the end the show wasn’t anywhere near as good as it had been earlier on, which led to a pretty awful TV show finale – at least according to fans.

The actual ending wasn’t the issue, it was that they time skipped ahead so they could ignore wrapping up a lot of plot points.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother
Image Credit: CBS Entertainment.


Few series finales are hated as much as How I Met Your Mother and it’s not very hard to see why that is. Instead of having it end with Ted meeting their mother, as the title suggests, they ended up giving viewers a “twist” that made it feel like the entire series was pointless.


Image Credit: NBC Universal.

Pretty much all of season 9 of Scrubs was bad including its finale. So what happened, exactly? Well the real series finale of Scrubs actually happened at the end of season 8 – that’s when the show was supposed to be done.

It was only after that the creator was approached about making new episodes and agreed. Thus we have the abomination that is season 9. It never should have happened.

Game of Thrones

Sophie Turner HBO Game of Thrones Season 7 - Episode 4.
Image Credit: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO.

Everyone knows that the ending to Game of Thrones was awful, but what’s really interesting is how that bad writing took GoT from being a show everyone talked about to being largely forgotten about. If a TV show finale retroactively ruins the series then it’s gotta be really terrible.

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap.
Image Credit: Universal Television.

This has to be one of the worst TV show finales ever done. I would argue it might even be the worst, at least as far as literal production quality is concerned.

The final scene of Quantum Leap was simply a black screen that says “Dr. Sam Becket never returned home.”

His name is Sam Beckett (with two ts).

Killing Eve

Jodie Comer as Villanelle - Killing Eve _ Season 4, Episode 7.
Image Credit: Anika Molnar/BBCA.

Fans of this show say that the first couple of seasons had some of the best TV writing they’ve ever seen. As the series goes on, though, things start to fall apart narrative-wise before eventually culminating in the rage-inducing ending to season 4.

For context: a couple of characters are shot (but not Eve, as the title might imply) and then the words “the end” appear on screen.

The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle.
Image Credit: Amazon Studios.

A lot of people who enjoyed season 1 of this show didn’t like the later seasons as much because of sci-fi elements. This is made worse by how the series ended which some fans say completely undid or ruined the events of the series.

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies.
Image Credit: ABC.

This one mostly ended badly because it was cancelled before its time, but it was bad nonetheless. Alongside a bunch of unfinished storylines that never get closure, the ending includes a cheesy “and they lived happily ever after” epilogue that didn’t fit the tone of the show.

Sherlock (BBC)

Martin Freeman in Sherlock (2010).
Image Credit: BBC.

Another show that disappointed fans because it went from amazing to awful! The ending of this show involved some complicated plotting and trickery from the characters. Unfortunately, for characters to be clever the writer has to be clever too – and this writing was anything but.


Image Credit: ABC.

Strap yourself in because this one actually has some secret lore!

If you haven’t seen it, Castle is a buddy cop style show about a writer who is tailing a police officer to help make his books more authentic. While the chemistry was great on-screen, behind the scenes there was a lot of turmoil between the actor who played Beckett (the cop) and her co-star (Castle).

In the end, she was fired from the show and the writers had planned to kill her off for the finale. This information was shared online and the fan backlash was immense so the creators changed it last-minute.

The result? A horrible series ending montage of Castle and Beckett living happily ever after.

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