12 of the Best TV Shows That You Can Watch in One Sitting

Kurtwood Smith as Red Forman in episode 101 of That ‘90s Show.

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Fans Answer: What Are Some Shows You Refuse to Watch and Why?


I’m going to be real with you: as someone who randomly refuses to watch popular TV series, I was so excited to put this list together. If you’re also the kind of person who feels principled about shows you don’t want to watch, you’ll definitely love these popular answers to the question, “What are some … Read more

12 Good Shows That You Can Sink Your Teeth Into Right Now

Zendaya HBO Euphoria Season 2 - Episode 8 Euphoria.

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What Show Do You Wish Never Ended? 12 Fans Answer

Issa Rae HBO Insecure Season 5 - Episode 10.

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12 Series With the Worst TV Show Finales of All Time

Jodie Comer as Villanelle - Killing Eve _ Season 4, Episode 7.

There’s bad endings to TV shows and then there are some that are just plain terrible. We’ve got the latter here with 12 series that might just have the worst TV show finales of all time. Since we’re talking about TV show finales and series endings here there are definitely going to be spoilers, so … Read more